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18969  Advisory commissions, executive government 
18970  City and town managers' offices 
18971  County supervisors' and executives' offices 
18972  Executive offices, federal, state, and local (e.g., governor, mayor, president) 
18973  Governors' offices 
18974  Mayor's offices 
18975  President's office, United States 
18976  Advisory commissions, legislative 
18977  Boards of supervisors, county and local 
18978  City and town councils 
18979  Congress of the United States 
18980  County commissioners 
18981  Legislative assemblies 
18982  Legislative bodies (e.g., federal, local, and state) 
18983  Legislative commissions 
18984  Study commissions, legislative 
18985  Assessor's offices, tax 
18986  Board of Governors, Federal Reserve 
18987  Budget agencies, government 
18988  Controllers' and comptrollers' offices, government 
18989  Customs bureaus 
18990  Federal Reserve Board of Governors 
18991  Gambling control boards, nonoperating 
18992  Internal Revenue Service 
18993  Lottery control boards, nonoperating 
18994  Property tax assessors' offices 
18995  State tax commissions 
18996  Taxation departments 
18997  Treasurers' offices, government 
18998  Executive and legislative office combinations 
18999  Legislative and executive office combinations 
19000  American Indian or Alaska Native tribal councils 
19001  American Indian or Alaska Native tribal courts 
19002  American Indian or Alaska Native, tribal chief's or chairman's office 
19003  Courts, American Indian or Alaska Native 
19004  Police, American Indian or Alaska Native tribal 
19005  Tribal chief's or chairman's office, American Indian or Alaska Native 
19006  Tribal councils, American Indian or Alaska Native 
19007  Tribal courts, American Indian or Alaska Native 
19008  Auditor's offices, government 
19009  Civil rights commissions 
19010  Civil service commissions 
19011  Election boards 
19012  General accounting offices, government 
19013  General public administration 
19014  General services departments, government 
19015  Human rights commissions, government 
19016  Indian affairs programs, government 
19017  Personnel offices, government 
19018  Public property management services, government 
19019  Purchasing and supply agencies, government 
19020  Supply agencies, government 
19021  Administrative courts 
19022  Circuit courts 
19023  City or county courts 
19024  Courts of law, civilian (except American Indian or Alaska Native) 
19025  Courts, civilian (except American Indian or Alaska Native) 
19026  Courts, small claims 
19027  Sheriffs' offices, court functions only 
19028  Traffic courts 
19029  Alcohol, tobacco, and firearms control 
19030  Criminal investigation offices, government 
19031  DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) 
19032  Drug enforcement agencies and offices 
19033  Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) 
19034  Federal police services 
19035  Highway patrols, police 
19036  Housing police, government 
19037  Marshals' offices 
19038  Park police 
19039  Police academies 
19040  Police and fire departments, combined 
19041  Police departments (except American Indian or Alaska Native) 
19042  Sheriffs' offices (except court functions only) 
19043  State police 
19044  Transit police 
19045  Attorney generals' offices 
19046  District attorneys' offices 
19047  Legal counsel offices, government 
19048  Public defenders' offices 
19049  Public prosecutors' offices 
19050  Solicitors' offices, government 
19051  U. S. attorneys' offices 
19052  Correctional boot camps 
19053  Correctional institutions 
19054  Detention centers 
19055  Honor camps, correctional 
19056  Houses of correction 
19057  Jails (except private operation of) 
19058  Penitentiaries 
19059  Prison farms 
19060  Prisons 
19061  Reformatories 
19062  Pardon boards and offices 
19063  Parole offices, publicly administered 
19064  Probation offices, publicly administered 
19065  Public parole offices 
19066  Public probation offices 
19067  Rehabilitation services, correctional, government 
19068  Ambulance and fire service combined 
19069  Fire and rescue service 
19070  Fire departments (e.g., government, volunteer (except private)) 
19071  Fire marshals' offices 
19072  Fire prevention offices, government 
19073  Firefighting (except forest), government and volunteer (except private) 
19074  Firefighting services (except forest and private) 
19075  Consumer product safety commissions 
19076  Criminal justice statistics centers, government 
19077  Disaster preparedness and management offices, government 
19078  Emergency planning and management offices, government 
19079  Law enforcement statistics centers, government 
19080  Public safety bureaus and statistics centers, government 
19081  Public safety statistics centers, government 
19082  Certification of schools and teachers 
19083  County supervisors of education (except school boards) 
19084  Education offices, nonoperating 
19085  Education program administration 
19086  Education statistics centers, government 
19087  State education departments 
19088  Teacher certification  bureaus 
19089  University regents or boards, government 
19090  Cancer detection program administration 
19091  Communicable disease program administration 
19092  Community health programs administration 
19093  Coroners' offices 
19094  Environmental health program administration 
19095  Food service health inspections 
19096  Health planning and development agencies, government 
19097  Health program administration 
19098  Health statistics centers, government 
19099  Immunization program administration 
19100  Maternity and child health program administration 
19101  Mental health program administration 
19102  Public health program administration, nonoperating 
19103  Community social service program administration 
19104  Equal employment opportunity offices 
19105  Food distribution program administration, government 
19106  Medical assistance programs administration, government 
19107  Medicare and Medicaid administration 
19108  Old age survivors and disability programs 
19109  Railroad Retirement Board 
19110  Social assistance cost-sharing, government 
19111  Social Security Administration (SSA), federal 
19112  Unemployment insurance program administration 
19113  Welfare administration, nonoperating 
19114  Welfare programs administration 
19115  Women's bureaus 
19116  Workers' compensation program administration 
19117  Veterans' affairs offices 
19118  Veterans' benefits program administration, government 
19119  Enforcement of environmental and pollution control regulations 
19120  Environmental protection program administration 
19121  NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) 
19122  Pollution control program administration 
19123  Sanitation engineering agencies, government 
19124  Waste management program administration 
19125  Water control and quality program administration 
19126  Community recreation programs, government 
19127  Conservation and reclamation agencies 
19128  Fish and game agencies 
19129  Fish and wildlife conservation program administration 
19130  Game and inland fish agencies 
19131  Game wardens 
19132  Geological research program administration 
19133  Land management program administration 
19134  Parks and recreation commission, government 
19135  Recreational programs administration, government 
19136  Soil conservation services, government 
19137  Weather research program administration 
19138  Wildlife conservation agencies 
19139  Wind and water erosion control agencies, government 
19140  Building standards agencies, government 
19141  Housing authorities, nonoperating 
19142  Housing programs, planning and development, government 
19143  Community development agencies, government 
19144  County development agencies 
19145  Land redevelopment agencies, government 
19146  Redevelopment land agencies, government 
19147  Regional planning and development program administration 
19148  Urban planning commissions, government 
19149  Zoning boards and commissions 
19150  Arts and cultural program administration, government 
19151  Consumer protection offices 
19152  Councils of Economic Advisers 
19153  Cultural and arts development support program administration 
19154  Development assistance program administration 
19155  Economic development agencies, government 
19156  Energy development and conservation agencies, nonoperating 
19157  Energy program administration 
19158  Enterprise development program administration 
19159  General economics statistical agencies 
19160  Industrial development program administration 
19161  Labor statistics agencies 
19162  Small business development agencies 
19163  Tourism development offices, government 
19164  Trade commissions, government 
19165  Trade development program administration 
19166  Aircraft inspection, government 
19167  Coast Guard (except academy) 
19168  Federal Aviation Administration (except air traffic control) 
19169  Licensing of transportation equipment, facilities, and services 
19170  Merchant Marine (except academy) 
19171  Motor carrier licensing and inspection offices 
19172  Motor vehicle licensing offices, government 
19173  National Transportation Safety Board 
19174  Port authorities and districts, nonoperating 
19175  Public transportation commissions, nonoperating 
19176  Railroad and warehouse commissions, nonoperating 
19177  Transit systems and authorities, nonoperating 
19178  Transportation departments, nonoperating 
19179  Transportation regulatory agencies 
19180  Transportation safety programs, government 
19181  Communications commissions 
19182  Communications licensing commissions and agencies 
19183  Energy development and conservation programs, government 
19184  Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 
19185  Irrigation districts, nonoperating 
19186  Licensing and inspecting of utilities 
19187  Mosquito eradication districts 
19188  Nuclear energy inspection and regulation offices 
19189  Public service (except transportation) commissions, nonoperating 
19190  Public utility (except transportation) commissions, nonoperating 
19191  Regulation of utilities 
19192  Sanitation districts, nonoperating 
19193  Solar energy  regulation 
19194  Wind generated electrical power regulation 
19195  Agricultural cooperative extension program administration 
19196  Agricultural marketing services government 
19197  Agricultural pest and weed regulation, government 
19198  Agriculture fair boards administration 
19199  Animal quarantine service, government 
19200  Food inspection agencies 
19201  Pest control programs, agriculture, government 
19202  Regulation and inspection of agricultural products 
19203  Weed control, agriculture, government 
19204  Alcoholic beverage control boards 
19205  Banking regulatory agencies 
19206  Building inspections, government 
19207  Conciliation and mediation services, government 
19208  Health professions licensure agencies 
19209  Hospital licensure agencies 
19210  Inspection for labor standards 
19211  Insurance commissions, government 
19212  Labor management negotiations boards, government 
19213  Licensing and permit issuance for business operations, government 
19214  Licensing and permit issuance for professional occupations, government 
19215  Mediation and conciliation services, government 
19216  Minimum wage program administration 
19217  Occupational safety and health administration 
19218  Occupational safety and health standards agencies 
19219  Pet licensing 
19220  Price control agencies 
19221  Rent control agencies 
19222  Securities regulation commissions 
19223  Standards, setting and management, agencies, government 
19224  Wage control agencies, government 
19225  National Aeronautics and Space Administration 
19226  Operating and launching government satellites 
19227  Space flight operations, government 
19228  Air Force 
19229  Air traffic control, military 
19230  Armed forces 
19231  Army 
19232  Courts, military 
19233  Marine Corps 
19234  Military bases and camps 
19235  Military police 
19236  Military reserve armories and bases 
19237  Military training schools (except academies) 
19238  National Guard 
19239  Navy 
19240  Consulates 
19241  Diplomatic services 
19242  Economic development assistance (i.e., international), government 
19243  Embassies 
19244  Foreign economic and social development services, government 
19245  Foreign government service 
19246  Foreign missions 
19247  Immigration services 
19248  International Monetary Fund 
19249  Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development 
19250  Organization of American States 
19251  Passport issuing services 
19252  Peace Corps 
19253  State Department 
19254  United Nations 
19255  World Bank 

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