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072I1 Food Services
Digital Television Channels
ITV 72I Market  Sector - Accomodation & Food Service
Channel  Vertical Market
18255  Alpine skiing facilities with accommodations (i.e., ski resort) 
18256  Auto courts, lodging 
18257  Automobile courts, lodging 
18258  Health spas (i.e., physical fitness facilities) with accommodations 
18259  Hotel management services (i.e., providing management and operating staff to run hotel) 
18260  Hotels (except casino hotels) 
18261  Hotels (except casino hotels) with golf courses, tennis courts, and/or other health spa facilities (i.e., resorts) 
18262  Hotels, membership 
18263  Hotels, resort, without casinos 
18264  Hotels, seasonal, without casinos 
18265  Membership hotels 
18266  Motels 
18267  Motor courts 
18268  Motor hotels without casinos 
18269  Motor inns 
18270  Motor lodges 
18271  Resort hotels without casinos 
18272  Seasonal hotels without casinos 
18273  Ski lodges and resorts with accommodations 
18274  Summer resort hotels without casinos 
18275  Tourist lodges 
18276  Casino hotels 
18277  Hotels, casino 
18278  Hotels, resort, with casinos 
18279  Hotels, seasonal, with casinos 
18280  Resort hotels with casinos 
18281  Bed and breakfast inns 
18282  Inns, bed and breakfast 
18283  Cabins, housekeeping 
18284  Cottages, housekeeping 
18285  Guest houses 
18286  Hostels 
18287  Housekeeping cabins 
18288  Housekeeping cottages 
18289  Tourist homes 
18290  Youth hostels 
18291  Campgrounds 
18292  Recreational vehicle parks 
18293  RV (recreational vehicle) parks 
18294  Travel trailer campsites 
18295  Boys' camps (except day, instructional) 
18296  Camps (except day, instructional) 
18297  Children's camps (except day, instructional) 
18298  Dude ranches 
18299  Fishing camps with accommodation facilities 
18300  Girls' camps (except day, instructional) 
18301  Guest ranches with accommodation facilities 
18302  Hunting camps with accommodation facilities 
18303  Nudist camps with accommodation facilities 
18304  Outdoor adventure retreats with accommodation facilities 
18305  Recreational camps with accommodation facilities (except campgrounds) 
18306  Summer camps (except day, instructional) 
18307  Trail riding camps with accommodation facilities 
18308  Vacation camps (except campgrounds, day instructional) 
18309  Wilderness camps 
18310  Boarding houses 
18311  Clubs, residential 
18312  Dormitories, off campus 
18313  Fraternity houses 
18314  Migrant workers' camps 
18315  Off campus dormitories 
18316  Residence clubs, organizational 
18317  Residential clubs 
18318  Rooming and boarding houses 
18319  Sorority houses 
18320  Workers' camps 
18321  Workers' dormitories 
18322  Airline food services contractors 
18323  Cafeteria food services contractors (e.g., government office cafeterias, hospital cafeterias, school cafeterias) 
18324  Food concession contractors (e.g., convention facilities, entertainment facilities, sporting facilities) 
18325  Food service contractors, airline 
18326  Food service contractors, cafeteria 
18327  Food service contractors, concession operator (e.g., convention facilities, entertainment facilities, sporting facilities) 
18328  Industrial caterers (i.e., providing food services on a contractural arrangement (except single-event basis)) 
18329  Banquet halls with catering staff 
18330  Caterers 
18331  Catering services, social 
18332  Beverage stands, nonalcoholic, mobile 
18333  Canteens, mobile 
18334  Coffee carts, mobile 
18335  Food carts, mobile 
18336  Food concession stands, mobile 
18337  Ice cream truck vendors 
18338  Lunch wagons 
18339  Mobile food stands 
18340  Refreshment stands, mobile 
18341  Snack stands, mobile 
18342  Street vendors, food 
18343  Alcoholic beverage drinking places 
18344  Bars (i.e., drinking places), alcoholic beverage 
18345  Cocktail lounges 
18346  Drinking places (i.e., bars, lounges, taverns), alcoholic 
18347  Lounges, cocktail 
18348  Nightclubs, alcoholic beverage 
18349  Taverns (i.e., drinking places) 
18350  Bagel shops, full service 
18351  Diners, full service 
18352  Doughnut shops, full service 
18353  Family restaurants, full service 
18354  Fine dining restaurants, full service 
18355  Full service restaurants 
18356  Pizza parlors, full service 
18357  Pizzerias, full service 
18358  Restaurants, full service 
18359  Steak houses, full service 
18360  Carryout restaurants 
18361  Delicatessen restaurants 
18362  Drive-in restaurants 
18363  Family restaurants, limited-service 
18364  Fast-food restaurants 
18365  Pizza delivery shops 
18366  Pizza parlors, limited-service 
18367  Pizzerias, limited-service (e.g., take-out) 
18368  Restaurants, carryout 
18369  Restaurants, fast food 
18370  Sandwich shops, limited-service 
18371  Steak houses, limited-service 
18372  Take out eating places 
18373  Buffet eating places 
18374  Cafeterias 
18375  Bagel shops, on premise baking and carryout service 
18376  Beverage (e.g., coffee, juice, soft drink) bars, nonalcoholic, fixed location 
18377  Canteens, fixed location 
18378  Coffee shops, on premise brewing 
18379  Confectionery snack shops, made on premises with carryout services 
18380  Cookie shops, on premise baking and carryout service 
18381  Doughnut shops, on premise baking and carryout service 
18382  Fixed location refreshment stands 
18383  Frozen custard stands, fixed location 
18384  Ice cream parlors 
18385  Pretzel shops, on premise baking and carryout service 
18386  Snack bars (e.g., cookies, popcorn, pretzels), fixed location 
18387  Soft drink beverage bars, nonalcoholic, fixed location 

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