061P0 Education Digital Television Channels
                             DIGITAL TELEVISION CHANNELS
16909  Academies, elementary or secondary 
16910  Boarding schools, elementary or secondary 
16911  Elementary and secondary schools 
16912  Elementary schools 
16913  Finishing schools, secondary 
16914  Handicapped, schools for, elementary or secondary 
16915  High schools 
16916  High schools offering both academic and technical courses 
16917  High schools offering both academic and vocational courses 
16918  Junior high schools 
16919  Kindergartens 
16920  Middle schools 
16921  Military academies, elementary or secondary 
16922  Montessori schools, elementary or secondary 
16923  Parochial schools, elementary or secondary 
16924  Preparatory schools, elementary or secondary 
16925  Primary schools 
16926  Private schools, elementary or secondary 
16927  School boards, elementary and secondary 
16928  School districts, elementary or secondary 
16929  Schools for the handicapped, elementary or secondary 
16930  Schools for the intellectually and developmentally disabled (except preschool, job training, vocational rehabilitation) 
16931  Schools for the physically disabled, elementary or secondary 
16932  Schools, elementary 
16933  Schools, secondary 
16934  Secondary schools offering both academic and technical courses 
16935  Seminaries, below university grade 
16936  Academies, junior college 
16937  Colleges, community 
16938  Colleges, junior 
16939  Community colleges 
16940  Community colleges offering a wide variety of academic and technical training 
16941  Junior colleges 
16942  Junior colleges offering a wide variety of academic and technical training 
16943  Schools, junior college 
16944  Schools, junior college vocational 
16945  Academies, college or university 
16946  Academies, military service (college) 
16947  Business colleges or schools offering baccalaureate or graduate degrees 
16948  Colleges (except junior colleges) 
16949  Colleges, universities, and professional schools 
16950  Conservatories of music (colleges or universities) 
16951  Dental schools 
16952  Hospital management schools offering baccalaureate or graduate degrees 
16953  Hospitality management schools offering baccalaureate or graduate degrees 
16954  Law schools 
16955  Medical schools 
16956  Military academies, college level 
16957  Military service academies (college) 
16958  Parochial schools, college level 
16959  Private colleges (except community or junior college) 
16960  Professional schools (e.g., business administration, dental, law, medical) 
16961  Schools, correspondence, college level 
16962  Schools, medical 
16963  Schools, professional (colleges or universities) 
16964  Seminaries, theological, offering baccalaureate or graduate degrees 
16965  Theological seminaries offering baccalaureate or graduate degrees 
16966  Universities 
16967  Business colleges or schools not offering academic degrees 
16968  Business schools not offering academic degrees 
16969  Court reporting schools 
16970  Schools, business, not offering academic degrees 
16971  Secretarial schools 
16972  Computer operator training 
16973  Computer programming schools 
16974  Computer software training 
16975  Computer training (except repair) 
16976  Local area network (LAN) management training 
16977  Software application training 
16978  Management development training 
16979  Professional development training 
16980  Quality assurance training 
16981  Barber colleges 
16982  Beauty  schools 
16983  Colleges, barber and beauty 
16984  Cosmetology schools 
16985  Manicure and pedicure schools 
16986  Schools, barber 
16987  Schools, beauty 
16988  Schools, cosmetology 
16989  Aviation schools 
16990  Flight training schools 
16991  Flying instruction 
16992  Schools, aviation 
16993  Apprenticeship training programs 
16994  Carpenters' apprenticeship training 
16995  Craft union apprenticeship training programs 
16996  Electricians' apprenticeship training 
16997  Mechanic's apprenticeship training 
16998  Plumbers' apprenticeship training 
16999  Sheet metal workers' apprenticeship training 
17000  Steam fitters' apprenticeship training 
17001  Trade union apprenticeship training programs 
17002  Vocational apprenticeship training 
17003  Air traffic control schools 
17004  Art schools, commercial or graphic 
17005  Banking schools (training in banking) 
17006  Bartending schools 
17007  Broadcasting schools 
17008  Bus driver training 
17009  Chauffeur training 
17010  Computer repair training 
17011  Cooking schools 
17012  Culinary arts schools 
17013  Dental hygienist schools 
17014  Dental technician schools 
17015  Electronic equipment repair training 
17016  Fire fighter training schools 
17017  Flight attendant schools 
17018  Graphic arts schools 
17019  Heavy equipment operation schools 
17020  Heavy equipment repair training 
17021  Home health aid schools 
17022  Hospital management schools (except academic) 
17023  Hospitality management schools (except academic) 
17024  Marine navigational schools 
17025  Massage therapist instruction 
17026  Mechanic's schools (except apprenticeship) 
17027  Medical technician schools 
17028  Modeling schools 
17029  Nurse's aides schools 
17030  Nursing schools (except academic) 
17031  Photography schools, commercial 
17032  Police training schools 
17033  Real estate schools 
17034  Restaurant management schools (except academic) 
17035  Security guard training 
17036  Truck driving schools 
17037  Art (except commercial or graphic) instruction 
17038  Art schools (except academic), fine 
17039  Ballet schools (except academic) 
17040  Ceramics instruction 
17041  Conservatory of music (except academic) 
17042  Dance instruction 
17043  Dance schools 
17044  Dance studios 
17045  Drama schools (except academic) 
17046  Fine arts schools (except academic) 
17047  Handicrafts instruction 
17048  Music instruction (e.g., guitar, piano) 
17049  Music schools (except academic) 
17050  Performing arts schools (except academic) 
17051  Photography schools, art 
17052  Schools, drama (except academic) 
17053  Schools, music (except academic) 
17054  Sculpture instruction 
17055  Theater schools 
17056  Voice instruction 
17057  Academies, riding instruction 
17058  Automobile racing schools 
17059  Baseball instruction, camps, or schools 
17060  Basketball instruction, camps, or schools 
17061  Baton instruction 
17062  Bowling instruction 
17063  Boys' camps, sports instruction 
17064  Boys' camps, sports instructor 
17065  Camps, sports instruction 
17066  Cheerleading instruction, camps, or schools 
17067  Football instruction, camps, or schools 
17068  Girls' camps, sports instruction 
17069  Golf instruction, camps, or schools 
17070  Gymnastics instruction, camps, or schools 
17071  Hockey instruction, camps, or schools 
17072  Jai alai instruction, camps, or schools 
17073  Judo instruction, camps, or schools 
17074  Karate instruction, camps or schools 
17075  Martial arts instruction, camps, or schools 
17076  Professional sports (e.g., golf, skiing, swimming, tennis) instructors (i.e., not participating in sporting events) 
17077  Riding instruction academies or schools 
17078  Schools, sports instruction 
17079  Scuba instruction, camps, or schools 
17080  Skiing instruction, camps, or schools 
17081  Skin diving instruction, camps, or schools 
17082  Sky diving instruction, camps, or schools 
17083  Soccer instruction, camps, or schools 
17084  Sports camps (e.g., baseball, basketball, football), instructional 
17085  Sports instruction, camps, or schools 
17086  Sports instructors, independent (i.e., not participating in sporting events) 
17087  Swimming instruction 
17088  Tennis instruction, camps, or schools 
17089  Foreign language schools 
17090  Language schools 
17091  Schools, language 
17092  Second language instruction 
17093  Sign language instruction 
17094  Sign language schools 
17095  Academic tutoring services 
17096  Adult literacy instruction 
17097  College board preparation centers 
17098  College entrance exam preparation instruction 
17099  Exam preparation services 
17100  Learning centers offering remedial courses 
17101  Professional examination review instructions 
17102  Tutoring,  academic 
17103  Automobile driving schools 
17104  Driver education 
17105  Driver training schools (except bus, heavy equipment, truck) 
17106  Bible schools (except degree granting) 
17107  Bridge and other card game instruction 
17108  Charm schools 
17109  CPR (cardiac pulmonary resusitation) training and certification 
17110  Diction schools 
17111  First aid instruction 
17112  Life guard training 
17113  Public speaking training 
17114  Self defense (except martial arts) instruction 
17115  Speed reading instruction 
17116  Survival training instruction 
17117  Yoga instruction, camps, or schools 
17118  College selection services 
17119  Educational consultants 
17120  Educational guidance counseling services 
17121  Educational support services 
17122  Educational testing evaluation services 
17123  Educational testing services 
17124  School bus attendant services 
17125  Student exchange programs 
17126  Test development and evaluation services, educational 
17127  Testing services, educational 

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