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056E3 Water Supply
Digital Television Channels
ITV 56E Market  Sector - Services, Waste, Sewage, Remediation
Channel  Vertical Market 
16443  Administrative management services 
16444  Business management services 
16445  Executive management services 
16446  Hotel management services (except complete operation of client's business) 
16447  Management services (except complete operation of client's business) 
16448  Managing offices of dentists 
16449  Managing offices of physicians and surgeons 
16450  Managing offices of professionals (e.g., dentists, physicians, surgeons) 
16451  Medical office management services 
16452  Motel management services (except complete operation of client's business) 
16453  Office administration services 
16454  Office management services 
16455  Base facilities operation support services 
16456  Correctional facility operation on a contract or fee basis 
16457  Facilities (except computer operation) support services 
16458  Government base facilities operation support services 
16459  Jail operation on a contract or fee basis 
16460  Jails, privately operated 
16461  Babysitting bureaus (i.e., registries) 
16462  Casting agencies (i.e., motion picture, theatrical, video) 
16463  Casting agencies, motion picture or video 
16464  Casting agencies, theatrical 
16465  Casting bureaus (e.g., motion picture, theatrical, video) 
16466  Casting bureaus, motion picture or video 
16467  Casting bureaus, theatrical 
16468  Chauffeur registries 
16469  Employment agencies 
16470  Employment agencies, motion picture or video 
16471  Employment agencies, radio or television 
16472  Employment agencies, theatrical 
16473  Employment placement agencies or services 
16474  Employment referral agencies or services 
16475  Employment registries 
16476  Maid registries 
16477  Model registries 
16478  Nurse registries 
16479  Placement agencies or services, employment 
16480  Referral agencies or services, employment 
16481  Registries, employment 
16482  Registries, teacher 
16483  Ship crew employment agencies 
16484  Ship crew registries 
16485  State operated employment job services offices 
16486  Teacher registries 
16487  Television employment agencies 
16488  Theatrical employment agencies 
16489  Executive placement services 
16490  Executive search services 
16491  Senior executive search services 
16492  Help supply services 
16493  Labor (except farm) contractors (i.e., personnel suppliers) 
16494  Labor (except farm) pools 
16495  Manpower pools 
16496  Model supply services 
16497  Office help supply services 
16498  Office supply pools 
16499  Personnel (e.g., industrial, office) suppliers 
16500  Temporary employment services 
16501  Temporary help services 
16502  Temporary staffing services 
16503  Employee leasing services 
16504  Labor leasing services 
16505  PEO (professional employer organizations) 
16506  Professional employer organizations (PEO) 
16507  Staff leasing services 
16508  Desktop publishing services (I.e. document preparation service) 
16509  Dictation services 
16510  Document preparation services 
16511  Document transcription services 
16512  Editing services 
16513  Letter writing services 
16514  Proofreading services 
16515  Radio transcription services 
16516  Resume writing services 
16517  Secretarial services 
16518  Stenographic services (except court or stenographic reporting) 
16519  Transcription services 
16520  Typing services 
16521  Word processing services 
16522  Answering services, telephone 
16523  Message services, telephone answering 
16524  Telephone answering services 
16525  Voice mailbox services 
16526  Wakeup call services 
16527  Customer service call centers 
16528  Floral wire services (i.e., telemarketing services) 
16529  Order-taking for clients over the internet 
16530  Telemarketing bureaus 
16531  Telemarketing services on a contract or fee basis 
16532  Telephone call centers 
16533  Telephone solicitation services on a contract or fee basis 
16534  Wire services (i.e., telemarketing services), floral 
16535  Mailbox rental centers, private 
16536  Mailbox rental services combined with one or more other office support services, private 
16537  Parcel mailing services combined with one or more other office support services, private 
16538  Parcel mailing services, private 
16539  Private mail centers 
16540  Private mailbox rental centers 
16541  Blueprinting services 
16542  Business service centers (except private mail centers) 
16543  Business service centers (except private mail centers) providing range of office support services (except printing) 
16544  Copy centers (except combined with printing services) 
16545  Copy shops (except combined with printing services) 
16546  Document copying services (except combined with printing services) 
16547  Document duplicating services (except combined with printing services) 
16548  Photocopying services (except combined with printing services) 
16549  Reprographic services 
16550  Account collection services 
16551  Bill collection services 
16552  Collection agencies 
16553  Collection agencies, accounts 
16554  Debt collection services 
16555  Delinquent account collection services 
16556  Tax collection services on a contract or fee basis 
16557  Commercial credit reporting bureaus 
16558  Consumer credit reporting bureaus 
16559  Credit agencies 
16560  Credit bureaus 
16561  Credit investigation services 
16562  Credit rating services 
16563  Credit reporting bureaus 
16564  Investigation services, credit 
16565  Mercantile credit reporting bureaus 
16566  Automobile repossession services 
16567  Repossession services 
16568  Closed captioning services, real-time (i.e., simultaneous) 
16569  Court reporting services 
16570  Public stenography services 
16571  Real-time (i.e., simultaneous) closed captioning of live television performances, meetings, conferences, and so forth 
16572  Stenography services, public 
16573  Stenotype recording services 
16574  Address bar coding services 
16575  Bar code imprinting services 
16576  Fundraising campaign organization services on a contract or fee basis 
16577 Mail consolidation services
16578  Mail presorting services 
16579  Teleconferencing services 
16580  Videoconferencing services 
16581  Travel agencies 
16582  Tour operators (i.e., arranging and assembling tours) 
16583  Travel tour operators 
16584  Wholesale tour operators 
16585  Convention and visitors bureaus 
16586  Convention bureaus 
16587  Tourism bureaus 
16588  Tourist information bureaus 
16589  Visitors bureaus 
16590  Airline reservation services 
16591  Airline ticket offices 
16592  Automobile clubs, road and travel services 
16593  Bus ticket offices 
16594  Car rental reservation services 
16595  Condominium time share exchange services 
16596  Cruise ship ticket offices 
16597  Hotel reservation services 
16598  Motor travel clubs 
16599  Railroad ticket offices 
16600  Reservation (e.g., airline, car rental, hotel, restaurant) services 
16601  Sports ticket offices 
16602  Theatrical ticket offices 
16603  Ticket (e.g., airline, bus, cruise ship, sports, theatrical) offices 
16604  Ticket (e.g., airline, bus, cruise ship, sports, theatrical) sales offices 
16605  Ticket (e.g., amusement, sports, theatrical) agencies 
16606  Ticket (e.g., amusement, sports, theatrical) sales agencies 
16607  Ticket agencies, amusement 
16608  Ticket agencies, sports 
16609  Ticket agencies, theatrical 
16610  Ticket offices for foreign cruise ship companies 
16611  Time share exchange services, condominium 
16612  Detective agencies 
16613  Fingerprint services 
16614  Investigation services (except credit), private 
16615  Investigators, private 
16616  Lie detection services 
16617  Missing person tracing services 
16618  Polygraph services 
16619  Private detective services 
16620  Private investigation services (except credit) 
16621  Skip tracing services 
16622  Body guard services 
16623  Guard dog services 
16624  Guard services 
16625  Parking security services 
16626  Patrol services, security 
16627  Personal protection services (except security systems services) 
16628  Property protection services (except armored car, security systems) 
16629  Protection services (except armored car, security systems), personal or property 
16630  Protective guard services 
16631  Security guard services 
16632  Security patrol services 
16633  Armored car services 
16634  Alarm system monitoring services 
16635  Alarm systems sales combined with installation, repair, or monitoring services 
16636  Burglar alarm monitoring services 
16637  Burglar alarm sales combined with installation, repair, or monitoring services 
16638  Fire alarm monitoring services 
16639  Fire alarm sales combined with installation, repair, or monitoring services 
16640  Security alarm systems sales combined with installation, repair, or monitoring services 
16641  Security system monitoring services 
16642  Locksmith services 
16643  Locksmith services with or without sales of locking devices, safes, and security vaults 
16644  Locksmith shops 
16645  Bird proofing services 
16646  Exterminating services 
16647  Fumigating services (except crop fumigating) 
16648  Mosquito eradication services 
16649  Pest control (except agricultural, forestry) services 
16650  Termite control services 
16651  Aircraft janitorial services 
16652  Building cleaning services, interior 
16653  Building cleaning services, janitorial 
16654  Cleaning homes 
16655  Cleaning offices 
16656  Cleaning shopping centers 
16657  Custodial services 
16658  Deodorant servicing of rest rooms 
16659  Deodorizing services 
16660  Housekeeping services (i.e., cleaning services) 
16661  Janitorial services 
16662  Janitorial services, aircraft 
16663  Maid services (i.e., cleaning services) 
16664  Office cleaning services 
16665  Residential cleaning services 
16666  Rest room cleaning services 
16667  Restaurant kitchen cleaning services 
16668  Service station cleaning and degreasing services 
16669  Washroom sanitation services 
16670  Window cleaning services 
16671  Arborist services 
16672  Cemetery plot care services 
16673  Fertilizing lawns 
16674  Garden maintenance services 
16675  Hydroseeding services (e.g., decorative, erosion control purposes) 
16676  Landscape care and maintenance services 
16677  Landscape contractors (except construction) 
16678  Landscape installation services 
16679  Landscaping services (except planning) 
16680  Lawn care services (e.g., fertilizing, mowing, seeding, spraying) 
16681  Lawn fertilizing services 
16682  Lawn maintenance services 
16683  Lawn mowing services 
16684  Lawn seeding services 
16685  Lawn spraying services 
16686  Line slash (i.e., rights of way) maintenance services 
16687  Maintenance of plants and shrubs in buildings 
16688  Mowing services (e.g., highway, lawn, road strip) 
16689  Ornamental tree and shrub services 
16690  Plant and shrub maintenance in buildings 
16691  Plant maintenance services 
16692  Pruning services, ornamental tree and shrub 
16693  Seasonal property maintenance services (i.e., snow plowing in winter, landscaping during other seasons) 
16694  Seeding lawns 
16695  Shrub services (e.g., bracing, planting, pruning, removal, spraying, surgery, trimming) 
16696  Snow plowing services combined with landscaping services (i.e., seasonal property maintenance services) 
16697  Sod laying services 
16698  Spraying lawns 
16699  Tree and brush trimming, overhead utility line 
16700  Tree pruning services 
16701  Tree removal services 
16702  Tree services (e.g., bracing, planting, pruning, removal, spraying, surgery, trimming) 
16703  Tree surgery services 
16704  Tree trimming services 
16705  Tropical plant maintenance services 
16706  Turf (except artificial) installation services 
16707  Weed control and fertilizing services (except crop) 
16708  Carpet cleaning on customers' premises 
16709  Carpet cleaning plants 
16710  Carpet cleaning services 
16711  Cleaning carpets 
16712  Cleaning plants, carpet and rug 
16713  Cleaning rugs 
16714  Cleaning services, carpet and rug 
16715  Furniture cleaning on customers' premises 
16716  Furniture cleaning services 
16717  Rug cleaning plants 
16718  Rug cleaning services 
16719  Upholstery cleaning on customers' premises 
16720  Upholstery cleaning services 
16721  Building exterior cleaning services (except sand blasting, window cleaning) 
16722  Chimney cleaning services 
16723  Chimney sweep (i.e., cleaning) services 
16724  Cleaning (e.g., power sweeping, washing) driveways and parking lots 
16725  Cleaning building exteriors (except sand blasting, window cleaning) 
16726  Cleaning swimming pools 
16727  Drain cleaning services 
16728  Driveway cleaning (e.g., power sweeping, washing) services 
16729  Duct cleaning services 
16730  Gutter cleaning services 
16731  Lighting maintenance services (e.g., bulb and fuse replacement and cleaning) 
16732  Parking lot cleaning (e.g., power sweeping, washing) services 
16733  Power washing building exteriors 
16734  Pressure washing (e.g., buildings, decks, fences) 
16735  Snow plowing driveways and parking lots (i.e., not combined with any other service) 
16736  Steam cleaning building exteriors 
16737  Swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services 
16738  Ventilation duct cleaning services 
16739  Apparel folding and packaging services 
16740  Blister packaging services 
16741  Cosmetic kit assembling and packaging services 
16742  Folding and packaging services, textile and apparel 
16743  Gift wrapping services 
16744  Kit assembling and packaging services 
16745  Labeling services 
16746  Mounting merchandise on cards 
16747  Packaging services (except packing and crating for transportation) 
16748  Product sterilization and packaging services 
16749  Shrink wrapping services 
16750  Skin blister packaging services 
16751  Textile folding and packaging services 
16752  Automobile show managers 
16753  Automobile show organizers 
16754  Automobile show promoters 
16755  Convention managers 
16756  Convention organizers 
16757  Convention promoters 
16758  Convention services 
16759  Craft fair managers 
16760  Craft fair organizers 
16761  Craft fair promoters 
16762  Flower show managers 
16763  Flower show organizers 
16764  Flower show promoters 
16765  Home show managers 
16766  Home show organizers 
16767  Home show promoters 
16768  Managers, convention 
16769  Managers, trade fair or show 
16770  Promoters of conventions with or without facilities 
16771  Promoters of trade fairs or shows with or without facilities 
16772  Trade fair managers 
16773  Trade fair organizers 
16774  Trade fair promoters 
16775  Trade show managers 
16776  Trade show organizers 
16777  Trade show promoters 
16778  Auctioneers, independent 
16779  Bartering services 
16780  Bottle exchanges 
16781  Cloth cutting, bolting, or winding for the trade 
16782  Coin pick-up services, parking meter 
16783  Coupon processing services 
16784  Coupon redemption services (i.e., clearinghouse) 
16785  Diving services on a contract or fee basis 
16786  Document shredding services 
16787  Electrical meter reading services, contract 
16788  Fire fighting services as a commercial activity 
16789  Flagging (i.e., traffic control) services 
16790  Float decorating services 
16791  Gas meter reading services, contract 
16792  Inventory computing services 
16793  Inventory taking services 
16794  License issuing services (except government), motor vehicle 
16795  Locating underground utility lines prior to digging 
16796  Lumber grading services 
16797  Meter reading services, contract 
16798  Motor vehicle license issuing services, private franchise 
16799  Printing brokers 
16800  Private volunteer fire fighting 
16801  Tape slitting (e.g., cutting plastic or leather into widths) for the trade 
16802  Textile cutting services 
16803  Trading stamp promotion and sale to stores 
16804  Trading stamp redemption services 
16805  Ash collection services 
16806  Ash hauling, local 
16807  Garbage collection services 
16808  Garbage hauling, local 
16809  Garbage pick-up services 
16810  Recyclable material collection services 
16811  Recyclable material hauling, local 
16812  Refuse collection services 
16813  Refuse hauling, local 
16814  Rubbish (i.e., nonhazardous solid waste) hauling, local 
16815  Rubbish collection services 
16816  Trash collection services 
16817  Trash hauling, local 
16818  Waste collection services, nonhazardous solid 
16819  Waste hauling, local, nonhazardous solid 
16820  Waste transfer stations, nonhazardous solid 
16821  Hazardous waste collection services 
16822  Radioactive waste collecting and/or local hauling 
16823  Waste collection services, hazardous 
16824  Waste hauling, local, hazardous 
16825  Waste transfer stations, hazardous 
16826  Brush collection services 
16827  Brush hauling, local 
16828  Brush removal services 
16829  Dump trucking of rubble or brush with collection or disposal 
16830  Rubble hauling, local 
16831  Rubble removal services 
16832  Waste (except solid and hazardous) collection services 
16833  Waste (except solid and hazardous) hauling, local 
16834  Acid waste disposal facilities 
16835  Acid waste treatment facilities 
16836  Combustors, hazardous waste 
16837  Hazardous waste disposal facilities 
16838  Hazardous waste disposal facilities combined with collection and/or local hauling of hazardous waste 
16839  Hazardous waste material disposal facilities 
16840  Hazardous waste material treatment facilities 
16841  Hazardous waste treatment facilities 
16842  Hazardous waste treatment facilities combined with collection and/or local hauling of hazardous waste 
16843  Incinerators, hazardous waste, operating 
16844  Radioactive waste collecting and/or local hauling in combination with disposal and/or treatment facilities 
16845  Radioactive waste disposal facilities 
16846  Radioactive waste treatment facilities 
16847  Waste disposal facilities, hazardous 
16848  Waste treatment facilities, hazardous 
16849  Waste treatment plants, hazardous 
16850  Dumps, nonhazardous solid waste (e.g., trash) 
16851  Garbage disposal landfills 
16852  Garbage dumps 
16853  Landfills 
16854  Refuse collecting and operating solid waste landfills 
16855  Refuse disposal landfills 
16856  Rubbish disposal landfills 
16857  Sanitary landfills 
16858  Sludge disposal sites 
16859  Solid waste landfills combined with collection and/or local hauling of nonhazardous waste materials 
16860  Solid waste landfills, nonhazardous 
16861  Trash disposal landfills 
16862  Waste disposal landfills, nonhazardous solid 
16863  Combustors, nonhazardous solid waste 
16864  Garbage disposal combustors or incinerators 
16865  Incinerators, nonhazardous solid waste 
16866  Power generation, nonhazardous solid waste combustor or incinerator electric 
16867  Refuse disposal combustors or incinerators 
16868  Rubbish disposal combustors or incinerators 
16869  Solid waste combustors or incinerators, nonhazardous 
16870  Trash disposal combustors or incinerators 
16871  Waste disposal combustors or incinerators, nonhazardous solid 
16872  Compost dumps 
16873  Dumps, compost 
16874  Nonhazardous waste treatment and disposal facilities (except combustors, incinerators, landfills, sewer systems, sewage treatment facilities) 
16875  Waste (except sewage) treatment facilities, nonhazardous 
16876  Asbestos abatement services 
16877  Asbestos removal contractors 
16878  Environmental remediation services 
16879  Lead paint abatement services 
16880  Lead paint removal contractors 
16881  Mine reclamation services, integrated (e.g., demolition, hazardous material removal, soil remediation) 
16882  Oil spill cleanup services 
16883  Remediation and clean up of contaminated buildings, mine sites, soil, or ground water 
16884  Remediation services, environmental 
16885  Site remediation services 
16886  Soil remediation services 
16887  Toxic material abatement services 
16888  Toxic material removal contractors 
16889  Materials recovery facilities (MRF) 
16890  MRF (materials recovery facilities) 
16891  Removal of recyclable materials from a waste stream 
16892  Waste recovery facilities 
16893  Cesspool cleaning services 
16894  Portable toilet pumping (i.e., cleaning) services 
16895  Portable toilet renting and/or servicing 
16896  Pumping (i.e., cleaning) cesspools and septic tanks 
16897  Pumping (i.e., cleaning) portable toilets 
16898  Septic tank cleaning services 
16899  Septic tank pumping (i.e., cleaning) services 
16900  Tank cleaning services, septic 
16901  Toilet renting and/or servicing, portable 
16902  Beach maintenance and cleaning services 
16903  Catch basin cleaning services 
16904  Grease trap cleaning 
16905  Sewer cleaning and rodding services 
16906  Sewer cleanout services 
16907  Storm basin cleanout services 
16908  Tank cleaning and disposal services, commercial or industrial 

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