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15187  Banking, central 
15188  Banks, Federal Reserve 
15189  Branches, Federal Reserve Bank 
15190  Central bank, monetary authorities 
15191  Check clearing activities of the central bank 
15192  Federal Reserve Banks or Branches 
15193  Financial transactions processing of the central bank 
15194  Monetary authorities, central bank 
15195  Banks, commercial 
15196  Branches of foreign banks 
15197  Commercial banking 
15198  Commercial banks 
15199  Depository trust companies 
15200  National commercial banks 
15201  State commercial banks 
15202  Associations, savings and loan 
15203  Banks, savings 
15204  Federal savings and loan associations (S&L) 
15205  Federal savings banks 
15206  Institutions, savings 
15207  Mutual savings banks 
15208  Savings and loan associations (S&L) 
15209  Savings banks 
15210  Savings institutions 
15211  State savings and loan associations 
15212  State savings banks 
15213  Corporate credit unions 
15214  Credit unions 
15215  Federal credit unions 
15216  State credit unions 
15217  Unions, credit 
15218  Banks, industrial (i.e., known as), depository 
15219  Banks, private (i.e., unincorporated) 
15220  Industrial banks (i.e., known as), depository 
15221  Morris Plans (i.e., known as), depository 
15222  Plans, Morris (i.e., known as), depository 
15223  Private banks (i.e., unincorporated) 
15224  Banks, credit card 
15225  Charge card issuing 
15226  Credit card banks 
15227  Credit card issuing 
15228  Issuing, credit card 
15229  Automobile finance leasing companies 
15230  Automobile financing 
15231  Equipment finance leasing 
15232  Financing, sales 
15233  Installment sales financing 
15234  Leasing in combination with sales financing 
15235  Machinery finance leasing 
15236  Sales financing 
15237  Truck finance leasing 
15238  Consumer finance companies (i.e., unsecured cash loans) 
15239  Consumer lending 
15240  Finance companies (i.e., unsecured cash loans) 
15241  Loan companies (i.e., consumer, personal, small, student) 
15242  Personal credit institutions (i.e., unsecured cash loans) 
15243  Personal finance companies (i.e., unsecured cash loans) 
15244  Small loan companies (i.e., unsecured cash loans) 
15245  Student loan companies 
15246  Construction lending 
15247  Farm mortgage lending 
15248  Federal Land Banks 
15249  Home equity credit lending 
15250  Loan correspondents (i.e., lending funds with real estate as collaterial) 
15251  Mortgage banking (i.e., nondepository mortgage lending) 
15252  Mortgage companies 
15253  Real estate credit lending 
15254  Reverse mortgage lending 
15255  Agencies of foreign banks (i.e., trade financing) 
15256  Agreement corporations (i.e., international trade financing) 
15257  Banks, trade (i.e., international trade financing) 
15258  Edge Act corporations (i.e., international trade financing) 
15259  Export trading companies (i.e., international trade financing) 
15260  Export-Import banks 
15261  International trade financing 
15262  Trade banks (i.e., international trade financing) 
15263  Trade financing, international 
15264  Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation 
15265  Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FHLMC) 
15266  Federal Intermediate Credit Bank 
15267  Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) 
15268  FHLMC (Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation) 
15269  Financing, secondary market 
15270  FNMA (Federal National Mortgage Association) 
15271  GNMA (Government National Mortgage Association) 
15272  Government National Mortgage Association (GNMA) 
15273  Government-sponsored enterprises providing secondary market financing 
15274  Real estate mortgage investment conduits (REMICs) issuing, private 
15275  REMICs (real estate mortgage investment conduits) issuing, private 
15276  Repackaging loans for sale to others (i.e., private conduits) 
15277  Secondary market financing (i.e., buying, pooling, repackaging loans for sale to others) 
15278  SLMA (Student Loan Marketing Association) 
15279  Student Loan Marketing Association (SLMA) 
15280  Agricultural credit institutions, making loans or extending credit (except real estate, sales financing) 
15281  Agricultural lending (except real estate, sales financing) 
15282  Banks, industrial (i.e., known as), nondepository 
15283  Commodity Credit Corporation 
15284  Edge Act corporations (except international trade financing) 
15285  Factoring accounts receivable 
15286  Federal Home Loan Banks (FHLB) 
15287  Industrial banks (i.e., known as), nondepository 
15288  Industrial loan companies, nondepository 
15289  Morris Plans (i.e., known as), nondepository 
15290  National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) 
15291  Pawnshops 
15292  Plans, Morris (i.e., known as), nondepository 
15293  Purchasing of accounts receivable 
15294  Short-term inventory credit lending 
15295  Agencies, loan 
15296  Brokerages, loan 
15297  Brokerages, mortgage 
15298  Brokers' offices, loan 
15299  Brokers' offices, mortgage 
15300  Loan brokerages 
15301  Loan brokers' or agents' offices (i.e., independent) 
15302  Mortgage brokerages 
15303  Mortgage brokers' or agents' offices (i.e., independent) 
15304  Automated clearinghouses, bank or check (except central bank) 
15305  Bank clearinghouse associations 
15306  Check clearing services (except central banks) 
15307  Check clearinghouse services (except central banks) 
15308  Check validation services 
15309  Clearinghouses, bank or check 
15310  Credit card processing services 
15311  Electronic financial payment services 
15312  Electronic funds transfer services 
15313  Financial transactions processing (except central bank) 
15314  Processing financial transactions 
15315  Reserve and liquidity services (except central bank) 
15316  U.S. Central Credit Union 
15317  Check cashing services 
15318  Loan servicing 
15319  Money order issuance services 
15320  Money transmission services 
15321  Payday lending services 
15322  Travelers' check issuance services 
15323  Banking, investment 
15324  Bond dealing (i.e., acting as a principal in dealing securities to investors) 
15325  Commercial paper dealing (i.e., acting as a principal in dealing securities to investors) 
15326  Investment banking 
15327  Making markets for securities 
15328  Market making for securities 
15329  Paper, dealing of commercial (i.e., acting as principal in dealing securities to investors) 
15330  Securities dealers (i.e., acting as a principal in dealing securities to investors) 
15331  Securities dealing (i.e., acting as a principal in dealing securities to investors) 
15332  Securities distributing (i.e., acting as a principal in dealing securities to investors) 
15333  Securities floor traders (i.e., acting as a principal in dealing securities to investors) 
15334  Securities flotation companies 
15335  Securities originating (i.e., acting as a principal in dealing securities to investors) 
15336  Securities trading (i.e., acting as a principal in dealing securities to investors) 
15337  Securities underwriting 
15338  Stock options dealing (i.e., acting as a principal in dealing securities to investors) 
15339  Trading securities (i.e., acting as a principal in dealing securities to investors) 
15340  Underwriting securities 
15341  Bond brokerages 
15342  Brokerages, securities 
15343  Certificate of deposit (CD) brokers' offices 
15344  Commercial note brokers' offices 
15345  Mutual fund agencies (i.e., brokerages) 
15346  Mutual fund agents' (i.e., brokers') offices 
15347  Securities brokerages 
15348  Securities brokers' offices 
15349  Securities floor brokers 
15350  Stock brokerages 
15351  Stock brokers' offices 
15352  Stock options brokerages 
15353  Commodity contract trading companies 
15354  Commodity contracts dealing (i.e., acting as a principal in dealing commodities to investors) 
15355  Commodity contracts floor traders (i.e., acting as a principal in dealing commodities to investors) 
15356  Commodity contracts floor trading (i.e., acting as a principal in dealing commodities to investors) 
15357  Commodity contracts options dealing (i.e., acting as a principal in dealing commodities to investors) 
15358  Commodity contracts traders (i.e., acting as a principal in dealing commodities to investors) 
15359  Foreign currency exchange dealing (i.e., acting as a principal in dealing commodities to investors) 
15360  Foreign currency exchange services (i.e., selling to the public) 
15361  Futures commodity contracts dealing (i.e., acting as a principal in dealing commodities to investors) 
15362  Trading companies, commodity contracts 
15363  Brokerages, commodity contracts 
15364  Commodity contracts brokerages 
15365  Commodity contracts brokers' offices 
15366  Commodity contracts floor brokers 
15367  Commodity contracts options brokerages 
15368  Commodity futures brokerages 
15369  Financial futures brokerages 
15370  Futures commodity contracts brokerages 
15371  Futures commodity contracts brokers' offices 
15372  Commodity contracts exchanges 
15373  Exchanges, commodity contracts 
15374  Exchanges, securities 
15375  Futures commodity contracts exchanges 
15376  Securities exchanges 
15377  Stock exchanges 
15378  Stock or commodity options exchanges 
15379  Individuals investing in financial contracts on own account 
15380  Investment clubs 
15381  Mineral royalties or leases dealing (i.e., acting as a principal in dealing royalties or leases to investors) 
15382  Oil royalty dealing (i.e., acting as a principal in dealing royalties to investors) 
15383  Tax liens dealing (i.e., acting as a principal in dealing tax liens to investors) 
15384  Venture capital companies 
15385  Viatical settlement companies 
15386  Investment management 
15387  Managing investment funds 
15388  Managing mutual funds 
15389  Managing personal investment trusts 
15390  Managing trusts 
15391  Mutual fund managing 
15392  Pension fund managing 
15393  Personal investments trusts, managing 
15394  Portfolio fund managing 
15395  Certified financial planners, customized, fees paid by client 
15396  Financial investment advice services, customized, fees paid by client 
15397  Financial planning services, customized, fees paid by client 
15398  Investment advice consulting services, customized, fees paid by client 
15399  Investment advice counseling services, customized, fees paid by client 
15400  Investment advisory services, customized, fees paid by client 
15401  Administrators of private estates 
15402  Bank trust offices 
15403  Escrow agencies (except real estate) 
15404  Fiduciary agencies (except real estate) 
15405  Personal investments trust administration 
15406  Securities custodians 
15407  Trust administration, personal investment 
15408  Trust companies, nondepository 
15409  Clearinghouses, commodity exchange or securities exchange 
15410  Deposit brokers 
15411  Exchange clearinghouses, commodities or securities 
15412  Gas lease brokers' offices 
15413  Oil lease brokers' offices 
15414  Protective committees, security holders 
15415  Quotation services, securities 
15416  Quotation services, stock 
15417  Securities holders' protective services 
15418  Securities transfer agencies 
15419  Stock quotation services 
15420  Stock transfer agencies 
15421  Transfer agencies, securities 
15422  Accidental death and dismemberment insurance carriers, direct 
15423  Accidental death and dismemberment insurance underwriting, direct 
15424  Annuities underwriting 
15425  Cooperative life insurance organizations 
15426  Credit life insurance carriers, direct 
15427  Disability insurance carriers, direct 
15428  Disability insurance underwriting, direct 
15429  Fraternal life insurance organizations 
15430  Insurance carriers, disability, direct 
15431  Insurance carriers, life, direct 
15432  Insurance underwriting, disability, direct 
15433  Insurance underwriting, life, direct 
15434  Life insurance carriers, direct 
15435  Savings bank life insurance carriers, direct 
15436  Dental insurance carriers, direct 
15437  Group hospitalization plans without providing health care services 
15438  Health insurance carriers, direct 
15439  Hospital and medical service plans, direct, without providing health care services 
15440  Hospitalization insurance carriers, direct, without providing health care services 
15441  Insurance carriers, health, direct 
15442  Insurance underwriting, health and medical, direct 
15443  Medical insurance carriers, direct 
15444  Medical service plans without providing health care services 
15445  Agricultural (i.e., crop, livestock) insurance carriers, direct 
15446  Automobile insurance carriers, direct 
15447  Bonding, fidelity or surety insurance, direct 
15448  Burglary and theft insurance carriers, direct 
15449  Casualty insurance carriers, direct 
15450  Credit and other financial responsibility insurance carriers, direct 
15451  Crop insurance carrier, direct 
15452  Fidelity insurance carriers, direct 
15453  Fire insurance carriers, direct 
15454  Homeowners' insurance carriers, direct 
15455  Insurance carriers, fidelity, direct 
15456  Insurance carriers, property and casualty, direct 
15457  Insurance carriers, surety, direct 
15458  Insurance underwriting, property and casualty, direct 
15459  Liability insurance carriers, direct 
15460  Malpractice insurance carriers, direct 
15461  Marine insurance carriers, direct 
15462  Mortgage guaranty insurance carriers, direct 
15463  Plate glass insurance carriers, direct 
15464  Property and casualty insurance carriers, direct 
15465  Property damage insurance carriers, direct 
15466  Surety insurance carriers, direct 
15467  Workers' compensation insurance underwriting 
15468  Guaranteeing titles 
15469  Insurance carriers, title, direct 
15470  Insurance underwriting, title, direct 
15471  Real estate title insurance carriers, direct 
15472  Title insurance carriers, real estate, direct 
15473  Bank deposit insurance carriers, direct 
15474  Burial insurance carriers, direct 
15475  Contact lens insurance, direct 
15476  Deposit or share insurance carriers, direct 
15477  Funeral insurance carriers, direct 
15478  Homeowners' warranty insurance carriers, direct 
15479  Pet health insurance carriers, direct 
15480  Product warranty insurance carriers, direct 
15481  Warranty insurance carriers (e.g., appliance, automobile, homeowners, product), direct 
15482  Accidental and health reinsurance carriers 
15483  Life reinsurance carriers 
15484  Marine reinsurance carriers 
15485  Medical reinsurance carriers 
15486  Property and casualty reinsurance carriers 
15487  Reinsurance carriers 
15488  Agencies, insurance 
15489  Brokerages, insurance 
15490  Brokers' offices, insurance 
15491  Insurance agencies 
15492  Insurance brokerages 
15493  Life insurance agencies 
15494  Cause-of-loss investigators, insurance 
15495  Claims adjusting, insurance 
15496  Fire investigators 
15497  Insurance claims adjusting 
15498  Insurance claims investigation services 
15499  Insurance settlement offices 
15500  Loss control consultants 
15501  Claims processing services, insurance, third-party 
15502  Employee benefit plans, third-party administrative processing services 
15503  Insurance claims processing services, third party 
15504  Insurance fund, third party administrative services (except claims adjusting only) 
15505  Insurance plan administrative services (except claims adjusting only), third-party 
15506  Pension fund, third party administrative services 
15507  Actuarial services, insurance 
15508  Insurance actuarial services 
15509  Insurance advisory services 
15510  Insurance coverage consulting services 
15511  Insurance exchanges 
15512  Insurance investigation services (except claims investigation) 
15513  Insurance loss prevention services 
15514  Insurance processing, contract or fee basis 
15515  Insurance rate making services 
15516  Insurance reporting services 
15517  Insurance underwriters laboratories and standards services 
15518  Medical cost evaluation services 
15519  Rate making services, insurance 
15520  Employee benefit pension plans 
15521  Funds, employee benefit pension 
15522  Funds, pension 
15523  Pension funds 
15524  Pension plans (e.g., employee benefit, retirement) 
15525  Plans, pension 
15526  Retirement pension plans 
15527  Union pension funds 
15528  Employee benefit plans (except pension) 
15529  Funds, health and welfare 
15530  Health and welfare funds 
15531  Plans, health and welfare related employee benefit 
15532  Union health and welfare funds 
15533  Compensation, workers, insurance funds 
15534  Funds, self-insurance (except employee benefit funds) 
15535  Self-insurance funds (except employee benefit funds) 
15536  Workers' compensation insurance funds 
15537  Funds, mutual, open-ended 
15538  Investment funds, open-ended 
15539  Money market mutual funds, open-ended 
15540  Mutual funds, open-ended 
15541  Bankruptcy estates 
15542  Personal estates (i.e., managing assets) 
15543  Personal investment trusts 
15544  Personal trusts 
15545  Private estates (i.e., administering on behalf of beneficiaries) 
15546  Testamentary trusts 
15547  Trusts, estates, and agency accounts 
15548  Closed-end investment funds 
15549  CMOs (collateralized mortgage obligations) 
15550  Collateralized mortgage obligations (CMOs) 
15551  Face-amount certificate funds 
15552  Funds, mutual, closed-end 
15553  Investment funds, closed-end 
15554  Money market mutual funds, closed-end 
15555  Mortgage real estate investment trusts (REITs) 
15556  Mutual funds, closed-end 
15557  Profit-sharing funds 
15558  Real estate mortgage investment conduits (REMICs) 
15559  REMICs (real estate mortgage investment conduits) 
15560  Special purpose financial vehicles 
15561  Unit investment trust funds 

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