044G1 Non- Retail Stores
Digital Television Channels
14121  Athletic equipment and supply stores (including uniforms) 
14122  Bicycle (except motorized) shops 
14123  Bowling equipment and supply stores 
14124  Diving equipment stores 
14125  Exercise equipment stores 
14126  Fishing supply stores (e.g., bait) 
14127  Footwear (e.g., bowling, golf, spiked), specialty sports, stores 
14128  Golf pro shops 
14129  Gun shops 
14130  Outdoor sporting equipment stores 
14131  Pro shops (e.g., golf, skiing, tennis) 
14132  Saddlery stores 
14133  Shoe stores, specialty sports footwear (e.g., bowling, golf, spiked) 
14134  Sporting goods stores 
14135  Sports gear stores (e.g., outdoors, scuba, skiing) 
14136  Tack shops 
14137  Tackle shops (i.e., fishing) 
14138  Uniform stores, athletic 
14139  Craft supply stores (except needlecraft) 
14140  Hobby shops 
14141  Magic supply stores 
14142  Pottery (unfinished pottery to be painted by customer on premises) stores 
14143  Toy stores 
14144  Toy stores, electronic 
14145  Fabric shops 
14146  Needlecraft sewing supply stores 
14147  Piece goods stores 
14148  Sewing supply stores 
14149  Upholstery materials stores 
14150  Music stores (i.e., instrument) 
14151  Musical instrument stores 
14152  Piano stores 
14153  Sheet music stores 
14154  Book stores 
14155  Religious book stores 
14156  Magazine stands (i.e., permanent) 
14157  News dealers 
14158  Newsstands (i.e., permanent) 
14159  Department stores (except discount department stores) 
14160  Department stores, discount 
14161  Discount department stores 
14162  Superstores (i.e., food and general merchandise) 
14163  Warehouse clubs (i.e., food and general merchandise) 
14164  Catalog showrooms, general merchandise (except catalog mail-order) 
14165  Dollar stores 
14166  General stores 
14167  Home and auto supply stores 
14168  Limited price variety stores 
14169  Trading posts, general merchandise 
14170  Variety stores 
14171  Florists 
14172  Flower shops, fresh 
14173  Office supply stores 
14174  School supply stores 
14175  Stationery stores 
14176  Balloon shops 
14177  Card shops, greeting 
14178  Christmas stores 
14179  Collectible gift shops (e.g., crystal, pewter, porcelain) 
14180  Craft (except craft supply) stores 
14181  Curio shops 
14182  Gift shops 
14183  Gift stands, permanent location 
14184  Greeting card shops 
14185  Novelty shops 
14186  Party goods (e.g., paper supplies, decorations, novelties) stores 
14187  Seasonal and holiday decoration stores 
14188  Souvenir shops 
14189  Antique dealers (except motor vehicles) 
14190  Antique shops 
14191  Apparel stores, used clothing 
14192  Appliance stores, household-type, used 
14193  Architectural salvage dealers 
14194  Bicycle (except motorized) shops, used 
14195  Book stores, used 
14196  Clothing stores, used 
14197  Consignment shops, used merchandise 
14198  Flea markets, used merchandise, permanent 
14199  Furniture stores, used 
14200  Music stores (e.g., cassette, instrument, record, tape), used 
14201  Rare manuscript stores 
14202  Record stores, used 
14203  Second-hand merchandise stores 
14204  Sporting goods stores, used 
14205  Thrift shops, used merchandise 
14206  Used bicycle (except motorized) shops 
14207  Used merchandise dealers (except motor vehicles and parts) 
14208  Used merchandise stores 
14209  Used rare collectors' items (e.g., autograph, coin, card, stamps) shops 
14210  Feed stores, pet 
14211  Pet shops 
14212  Pet supply stores 
14213  Art auctions 
14214  Art dealers 
14215  Art galleries retailing art 
14216  Galleries, art, retail 
14217  Manufactured (mobile) home dealers 
14218  Mobile home dealers, manufactured 
14219  Used manufactured (mobile) home dealers 
14220  Cigar stores 
14221  Cigarette stands, permanent 
14222  Smokers' supply stores 
14223  Tobacco stores 
14224  Art supply stores 
14225  Auction houses (general merchandise) 
14226  Batteries, except automotive, dealers 
14227  Calendar shops 
14228  Candle shops 
14229  Cemetery memorial dealers (e.g., headstones, markers, vaults) 
14230  Closet organizer stores 
14231  Collector's items shops (e.g., autograph, card, coin, stamp) 
14232  Emergency preparedness supply stores 
14233  Fireworks shops (i.e., permanent location) 
14234  Flag and banner shops 
14235  Flower shops, artificial or dried 
14236  Home security equipment stores 
14237  Hot tub stores 
14238  Janitorial equipment and supplies stores 
14239  Monument (i.e., burial marker) dealers 
14240  Police supply stores 
14241  Religious goods (except books) stores 
14242  Swimming pool supply stores 
14243  Trophy (including awards and plaques) shops 
14244  Audio and video content downloading retail sales sites 
14245  Business to Consumer retail sales Internet sites 
14246  E-tailers 
14247  Institutional pharmacies, off-site, exclusively on Internet 
14248  Internet retail sales sites 
14249  Web retailers 
14250  Auctions, Internet retail 
14251  Electronic auctions, retail 
14252  Internet auctions, retail 
14253  Book clubs, not publishing, mail-order 
14254  Catalog (i.e., order taking) offices of mail-order houses 
14255  Collector's items, mail-order houses 
14256  Computer software, mail-order houses 
14257  Direct mailers (i.e., selling own merchandise) 
14258  Institutional pharmacies, off-site, mail-order 
14259  Mail-order houses 
14260  Order taking offices of mail-order houses 
14261  Prerecorded tape, compact disc, and record mail-order houses 
14262  Television order, home shopping 
14263  Automatic merchandising machine operators 
14264  Vending machine merchandisers, sale of products 
14265  Alternative fuels, direct selling 
14266  Bottled gas dealers, direct selling 
14267  Coal dealers, direct selling 
14268  Firewood dealers, direct selling 
14269  Fuel oil (i.e., heating) dealers, direct selling 
14270  Heating oil dealers, direct selling 
14271  Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) dealers, direct selling 
14272  Bazaars (i.e., temporary stands) 
14273  Bottled water providers, direct selling 
14274  Canvassers (door-to-door), headquarters for retail sale of merchandise, direct selling 
14275  Christmas trees, cut, direct selling 
14276  Cigarette stands, temporary 
14277  Coffee-break service providers, direct selling 
14278  Direct selling of merchandise (door-to-door) 
14279  Door-to-door retailing of merchandise, direct selling 
14280  Flea markets, temporary location, direct selling 
14281  Frozen food and freezer meal plan providers, direct selling 
14282  Fruit stands, temporary 
14283  Home delivery newspaper routes, direct selling 
14284  House-to-house direct selling 
14285  In-home sales of merchandise, direct selling 
14286  Locker meat provisioners, direct selling 
14287  Party plan merchandisers, direct selling 
14288  Produce stands, temporary 
14289  Street vendors (except food) 
14290  Water softener service providers, direct selling 

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