023F0 Construction
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01338  Cabin construction general contractors 
01339  Condominium, single-family, construction general contractors 
01340  Construction management, single-family building 
01341  Cottage construction general contractors 
01342  Custom builders (except for-sale), single-family home 
01343  Duplex (i.e., side-by-side) construction general contractors 
01344  Home builders (except for-sale), single-family 
01345  Housing, single-family, construction general contractors 
01346  Log home construction general contractors 
01347  Low income housing, single-family, construction general contractors 
01348  Modular house assembly on site by general contractors 
01349  Panelized single-family house assembly on site by general contractors 
01350  Precut single-family housing assembly on site by general contractors 
01351  Premanufactured housing assembly on site by general contractors 
01352  Residential construction, single-family, general contractors 
01353  Row house (i.e., single-family type) construction general contractors 
01354  Single-family attached housing construction general contractors 
01355  Single-family detached housing construction general contractors 
01356  Single-family homes built on land owned by others, general contractors of 
01357  Single-family house construction by general contractors 
01358  Time-share condominium construction general contractors 
01359  Town house (i.e., single-family type) construction by general contractors 
01360  Vacation home, single-family, construction by general contractors 
01361  Apartment building construction general contractors 
01362  Condominium, multifamily, construction general contractors 
01363  Construction management, multifamily building 
01364  Cooperative apartment, construction general contractors 
01365  Custom builders (except for-sale), multifamily buildings 
01366  Duplex (i.e., one unit above the other), construction general contractors 
01367  Garden apartment construction general contractors 
01368  High-rise apartment construction general contractors 
01369  Home builders (except for-sale), multifamily 
01370  Housing, multifamily, construction general contractors 
01371  Low income housing, multifamily, construction general contractors 
01372  Low-rise apartment  construction general contractors 
01373  Multifamily building construction general contractors 
01374  Panelized multifamily housing assembled on site by general contractors 
01375  Precut multifamily housing assembled on site by general contractors 
01376  Residential construction, multifamily, general contractors 
01377  Apartment building for-sale builders 
01378  Cabin for-sale builders 
01379  Condominium for-sale builders 
01380  Cooperative apartment for-sale builders 
01381  Cottage for-sale builders 
01382  Custom builders, for-sale builders, multifamily buildings 
01383  Custom builders, for-sale builders, single-family home 
01384  Duplex for-sale builders 
01385  For-sale builders (i.e., building on own land, for sale), residential 
01386  For-sale builders (i.e., building on own land, for sale), single-family housing 
01387  Garden apartment for-sale builders 
01388  High-rise apartment for-sale builders 
01389  Home builders, for-sale 
01390  Housing construction, for-sale builder 
01391  Housing construction, merchant builder 
01392  Log home for-sale builders 
01393  Low income housing construction for-sale builders 
01394  Low-rise apartment for-sale builders 
01395  Merchant builders (i.e., building on own land, for sale), residential 
01396  Modular housing, residential, assembled on site by for-sale builders 
01397  Multifamily building for-sale builders 
01398  Panelized housing, residential, assembled on site by for-sale builders 
01399  Panelized multifamily housing assembled on site by for-sale builders 
01400  Precut housing, residential, assembled on site by for-sale builders 
01401  Premanufactured housing assembly on site by for-sale builders 
01402  Residential for-sale builders 
01403  Row house construction for-sale builders 
01404  Single-family housing built on own land for sale (i.e., for-sale builders) 
01405  Single-family housing construction for sale builders 
01406  Speculative builders (i.e., building on own land, for sale), multifamily housing 
01407  Speculative builders (i.e., building on own land, for sale), residential 
01408  Speculative builders (i.e., building on own land, for sale), single-family housing 
01409  Time-share condominium construction for-sale builders 
01410  Town house construction for-sale builders 
01411  Vacation housing construction for-sale builders 
01412  Addition, alteration and renovation (i.e., construction), multifamily building 
01413  Addition, alteration and renovation (i.e., construction), residential building 
01414  Addition, alteration and renovation of single-family dwellings 
01415  Addition, alteration and renovation, multifamily building, for-sale builders 
01416  Addition, alteration and renovation, multifamily building, general contractors 
01417  Addition, alteration and renovation, residential building, for-sale builders 
01418  Addition, alteration and renovation, residential building, general contractors 
01419  Addition, alteration and renovation, single-family housing, for-sale builders 
01420  Addition, alteration and renovation, single-family housing, general contractors 
01421  Building, residential, addition, alteration and renovation 
01422  Construction management, residential remodeling 
01423  Fire and flood restoration, multifamily building, general contractors 
01424  Fire and flood restoration, single-family housing, general contractors 
01425  Handyman construction service, residential building 
01426  Home improvement (e.g., adding on, remodeling, renovating) 
01427  Home improvement (e.g., adding on, remodeling, renovating), multifamily building, for-sale builders 
01428  Home improvement (e.g., adding on, remodeling, renovating), multifamily building, general contractors 
01429  Home improvement (e.g., adding on, remodeling, renovating), single-family housing, for-sale builders 
01430  Home improvement (e.g., adding on, remodeling, renovating), single-family housing, general contractors 
01431  Home renovation 
01432  Porch construction, residential-type 
01433  Remodeling and renovating for-sale builders 
01434  Remodeling and renovating general contractors, multifamily building 
01435  Remodeling and renovating general contractors, residential 
01436  Remodeling and renovating general contractors, single-family housing 
01437  Remodeling and renovating single-family housing 
01438  Remodeling and renovating, residential building 
01439  Sun-room additions, residential 
01440  Acid plant construction 
01441  Addition, alteration and renovation for-sale builders, industrial building (except warehouses) 
01442  Addition, alteration and renovation, general contractors, industrial building (except warehouses) 
01443  Addition, alteration and renovation, industrial building (except warehouses) 
01444  Aluminum plant construction 
01445  Ammonium plant construction 
01446  Assembly plant construction 
01447  Blast furnace construction 
01448  Cannery construction 
01449  Cement plant construction 
01450  Chemical (except petrochemical process type) plant construction 
01451  Clean room construction 
01452  Construction management, industrial building (except warehouses) 
01453  Factory construction 
01454  Fish processing plant construction 
01455  Food processing plant construction 
01456  For-sale builders (i.e., building on own land, for sale), industrial building (except warehouses) 
01457  Foundry construction 
01458  Furnace (i.e., industrial plant structure) construction 
01459  Garbage disposal plant construction 
01460  Incinerator, mass-burn type, construction 
01461  Incinerator, municipal waste disposal, construction 
01462  Industrial building (except warehouses) construction 
01463  Industrial building (except warehouses) construction, for-sale builders 
01464  Industrial building (except warehouses) construction, general contractors 
01465  Kiln construction 
01466  Manufacturing building construction 
01467  Materials recovery facility construction 
01468  Metal processing plant construction 
01469  Mine loading and discharging station construction 
01470  Motor vehicle assembly plant construction 
01471  Ore and metal refinery construction 
01472  Oven, industrial plant, construction 
01473  Paper or pulp mill construction 
01474  Pharmaceutical manufacturing plant construction 
01475  Prefabricated industrial building (except warehouses) erection 
01476  Printing plant construction 
01477  Refuse disposal plant construction 
01478  Smelter construction 
01479  Speculative builders (i.e., building on own land, for sale), industrial building (except warehouses) 
01480  Steel mill construction 
01481  Textile mill construction 
01482  Tipple, mining, construction 
01483  Washery, mining, construction 
01484  Waste disposal plant (except sewage treatment) construction 
01485  Addition, alteration and renovation for-sale builders, commercial and institutional building 
01486  Addition, alteration and renovation for-sale builders, commercial warehouse 
01487  Addition, alteration and renovation for-sale builders, hotel and motel 
01488  Addition, alteration and renovation for-sale builders, industrial warehouse 
01489  Addition, alteration and renovation general contractors, commercial and institutional building 
01490  Addition, alteration and renovation general contractors, commercial warehouse 
01491  Addition, alteration and renovation general contractors, hotel and motel 
01492  Addition, alteration and renovation general contractors, industrial warehouse 
01493  Addition, alteration and renovation, commercial and institutional building 
01494  Addition, alteration and renovation, commercial warehouse 
01495  Addition, alteration and renovation, hotel and motel 
01496  Addition, alteration and renovation, industrial warehouse 
01497  Administration building construction 
01498  Airport building construction 
01499  Airport terminal construction 
01500  Amusement facility construction 
01501  Animal shelter and clinic construction 
01502  Arena construction 
01503  Armory construction 
01504  Athletic court, indoor, construction 
01505  Auditorium construction 
01506  Bank building construction 
01507  Barber shop construction 
01508  Barrack construction 
01509  Beauty salon construction 
01510  Broadcasting station construction 
01511  Bunkhouse construction 
01512  Bus shelter construction 
01513  Bus terminal construction 
01514  Casino construction 
01515  Cinema construction 
01516  Civic center construction 
01517  Clinic construction 
01518  Cold storage plant construction 
01519  Commercial building construction 
01520  Commercial building construction for-sale builders 
01521  Commercial building construction general contractors 
01522  Construction management, commercial and institutional building 
01523  Dormitory construction 
01524  Drycleaning plant construction 
01525  Educational building construction 
01526  Farm building construction 
01527  Fire and flood restoration of commercial and institutional buildings 
01528  Fire station construction 
01529  For-sale builders (i.e., building on own land, for sale), commercial and institutional building 
01530  Garage and service station, commercial, construction 
01531  Grain elevator construction 
01532  Handyman construction service, commercial and institutional building 
01533  Hangar construction 
01534  Hatchery construction 
01535  Health and athletic club construction 
01536  Hospital construction 
01537  Hotel construction 
01538  Ice rink, indoor, construction 
01539  Indoor swimming pool construction 
01540  Institutional building construction 
01541  Institutional building construction for-sale builders 
01542  Institutional building construction general contractors 
01543  Jail construction 
01544  Laboratory construction 
01545  Library construction 
01546  Logging camp construction 
01547  Mausoleum (i.e., building) construction 
01548  Monument (i.e., building) construction 
01549  Motel construction 
01550  Museum construction 
01551  Office building construction 
01552  Parking garage construction 
01553  Penitentiary construction 
01554  Post office construction 
01555  Prefabricated commercial building erection 
01556  Prefabricated institutional building erection 
01557  Prison construction 
01558  Public warehouse construction 
01559  Radio and television broadcast studio construction 
01560  Radio station construction 
01561  Railway station construction 
01562  Recreational facility building construction 
01563  Religious building (e.g., church, synagogue, mosque, temple) construction 
01564  Restaurant construction 
01565  Salon construction 
01566  School building construction 
01567  Service station construction 
01568  Shopping center construction 
01569  Shopping mall construction 
01570  Silo construction 
01571  Speculative builders (i.e., building on own land, for sale), commercial and institutional building 
01572  Stadium and arena construction 
01573  Storage elevator construction 
01574  Store construction 
01575  Swimming facility, indoor, construction 
01576  Television station construction 
01577  Tennis court, indoor, construction 
01578  Theater construction 
01579  Truck terminal construction 
01580  Warehouse construction (e.g., commercial, industrial, manufacturing, private) 
01581  Warehouse, commercial and institutional, construction 
01582  Warehouse, industrial, construction 
01583  Aqueduct construction 
01584  Artesian well construction 
01585  Capping of water wells 
01586  Construction management, water and sewage treatment plant 
01587  Construction management, water and sewer line 
01588  Distribution line, sewer and water, construction 
01589  Drilling water wells (except water intake wells in oil and gas fields) 
01590  Fire hydrant installation 
01591  Geothermal drilling 
01592  Hydrant and flushing hydrant installation 
01593  Irrigation project construction (except lawn) 
01594  Lagoon, sewage treatment construction 
01595  Pumping station, water and sewage system, construction 
01596  Reservoir construction 
01597  Sanitary sewer construction 
01598  Sewage collection and disposal line construction 
01599  Sewage disposal plant construction 
01600  Sewage treatment plant construction 
01601  Sewer construction 
01602  Sewer main, pipe and connection, construction 
01603  Storm sewer construction 
01604  Utility line (i.e., sewer, water), construction 
01605  Water desalination plant construction 
01606  Water filtration plant construction 
01607  Water main and line construction 
01608  Water pumping or lift station construction 
01609  Water sampling station installation 
01610  Water system storage tank and tower construction 
01611  Water treatment plant construction 
01612  Water well drilling, digging, boring or sinking (except water intake wells in oil and gas fields) 
01613  Water well pump and well piping system installation 
01614  Compressor, metering and pumping station, gas and oil pipeline, construction 
01615  Construction management, oil and gas pipeline 
01616  Construction management, oil refinery and petrochemical complex 
01617  Corrosion protection, underground pipeline and oil storage tank 
01618  Distribution line, gas and oil, construction 
01619  Gas main construction 
01620  Gathering line, gas and oil field, construction 
01621  Natural gas pipeline construction 
01622  Natural gas processing plant construction 
01623  Oil and gas field distribution line construction 
01624  Oil pipeline construction 
01625  Oil refinery construction 
01626  Petrochemical plant construction 
01627  Petroleum refinery construction 
01628  Pipe lining (except thermal insulating) contractors 
01629  Pipeline construction on oil and gas field gathering lines to point of distribution on a contract basis 
01630  Pipeline rehabilitation contractors 
01631  Pipeline wrapping contractors 
01632  Pipeline, gas and oil, construction 
01633  Pumping station, gas and oil transmission, construction 
01634  Refinery, petroleum, construction 
01635  Service line, gas and oil, construction 
01636  Storage tank, natural gas or oil, tank farm or field, construction 
01637  Alternative energy (e.g., geothermal, ocean wave, solar, wind) structure construction 
01638  Cable laying (e.g., cable television, electricity, marine, telephone), including underground 
01639  Cellular phone tower construction 
01640  Co-generation plant construction 
01641  Communication antenna construction 
01642  Communication tower construction 
01643  Construction management, power and communication transmission line 
01644  Electric light and power plant (except hydroelectric) construction 
01645  Electric power transmission line and tower construction 
01646  Electricity generating plant (except hydroelectric) construction 
01647  Fiber optic cable transmission line construction 
01648  Microwave relay tower construction 
01649  Nuclear power plant construction 
01650  Pole line construction 
01651  Power line stringing 
01652  Power plant (except hydroelectric) construction 
01653  Radio transmitting tower construction 
01654  Satellite receiving station construction 
01655  Solar power structure construction 
01656  Substation and switching station, power transmission line, construction 
01657  Telephone line construction 
01658  Telephone line stringing 
01659  Television transmitting tower construction 
01660  Thermal power plant construction 
01661  Tower, power distribution and communication, construction 
01662  Transformer station and substation, electric power, construction 
01663  Transmission and distribution line construction 
01664  Underground cable (e.g., cable television, electricity, telephone) laying 
01665  Utility line (i.e., communication, electric power), construction 
01666  Wind power structure construction 
01667  Building lot subdividing 
01668  Land (except cemeteries) subdividers 
01669  Land acquisition, assembling and subdividing 
01670  Land subdividing and utility installation (e.g., electric, sewer and water) 
01671  Preparing and subdividing land for sale 
01672  Real estate (except cemeteries) subdividers 
01673  Real property (except cemeteries) subdivision 
01674  Subdividers, real estate 
01675  Subdividing and preparing land owned by others 
01676  Subdividing real estate 
01677  Abutment construction 
01678  Airport runway construction 
01679  Airport runway line painting (e.g., striping) 
01680  Asphalt paving (i.e., highway, road, street, public sidewalk) 
01681  Bridge approach construction 
01682  Bridge construction 
01683  Bridge decking construction 
01684  Causeway construction 
01685  Concrete paving (i.e., highway, road, street, public sidewalk) 
01686  Construction management, highway, road, street and bridge 
01687  Culverts, highway, road and street, construction 
01688  Curbs and street gutters, highway, road and street, construction 
01689  Elevated highway construction 
01690  Grading, highway, road, street and airport runway 
01691  Guardrail construction 
01692  Highway construction 
01693  Highway line painting 
01694  Logging road construction 
01695  Oil field road construction 
01696  Overpass construction 
01697  Painting lines on highways, streets and bridges 
01698  Painting traffic lanes or parking lots 
01699  Parking lot marking and line painting 
01700  Parkway construction 
01701  Pavement, highway, road, street, bridge or airport runway, construction 
01702  Pothole filling, highway, road, street or bridge 
01703  Repair, highway, road, street, bridge or airport runway 
01704  Resurfacing, highway, road, street, bridge or airport runway 
01705  Road construction 
01706  Runway, airport, line painting (e.g., striping) 
01707  Sidewalk, public, construction 
01708  Sign erection, highway, roads street or bridge 
01709  Street construction 
01710  Surfacing, highway, road, street, bridge or airport runway 
01711  Tarring roads 
01712  Traffic lane painting 
01713  Trestle construction 
01714  Underpass construction 
01715  Anchored earth retention contractors 
01716  Athletic field (except stadium) construction 
01717  Avalanche, rockslide, or mudslide protection construction 
01718  Breakwater construction 
01719  Bridle path construction 
01720  Bulkhead wall or embarkment construction 
01721  Caisson (i.e., marine or pneumatic structures) construction 
01722  Canal construction 
01723  Channel construction 
01724  Cofferdam construction 
01725  Construction management, dam 
01726  Construction management, marine structure 
01727  Construction management, mass transit 
01728  Construction management, outdoor recreation facility 
01729  Construction management, tunnel 
01730  Cribbing (i.e., shore protection), construction 
01731  Dam construction 
01732  Dike and other flood control structure construction 
01733  Dock construction 
01734  Drainage canal and ditch construction 
01735  Drainage project construction 
01736  Dredging (e.g., canal, channel, ditch, waterway) 
01737  Drive-in movie facility construction 
01738  Earth retention system construction 
01739  Earth-filled dam construction 
01740  Electricity generating plant, hydroelectric, construction 
01741  Embankment construction 
01742  Farm drainage tile installation 
01743  Flood control project construction 
01744  Floodway canal and ditch construction 
01745  Gabion construction 
01746  Golf course construction 
01747  Harbor construction 
01748  Horizontal drilling (e.g., underground cable, pipeline, sewer installation) 
01749  Hydroelectric generating facility construction 
01750  Ice rink (except indoor) construction 
01751  Jetty construction 
01752  Land drainage contractors 
01753  Levee construction 
01754  Light rail system construction 
01755  Lock and waterway construction 
01756  Marine construction 
01757  Microtunneling contractors 
01758  Missile facility construction 
01759  Monorail construction 
01760  Nuclear waste disposal site construction 
01761  Outdoor recreation facility construction 
01762  Park and recreational open space improvement construction 
01763  Pier construction 
01764  Pile driving, marine 
01765  Pipe-jacking contractors 
01766  Play ground construction 
01767  Port facility construction 
01768  Power plant, hydroelectric, construction 
01769  Railroad construction 
01770  Railway construction (e.g., interlocker, roadbed, signal, track) 
01771  Railway roadbed construction 
01772  Recreation area, open space, construction 
01773  Recreational vehicle park construction 
01774  Retaining walls, anchored (e.g., with piles, soil nails, tieback anchors), construction 
01775  Revetment construction 
01776  Riprap installation 
01777  Rock removal, underwater 
01778  Seawall, wave protection, construction 
01779  Sediment control system construction 
01780  Ski tow construction 
01781  Spillway, floodwater, construction 
01782  Sports field construction 
01783  Streetcar line construction 
01784  Subway construction 
01785  Tennis courts, outdoor, construction 
01786  Timber removal, underwater 
01787  Trail construction 
01788  Trenching, underwater 
01789  Tunnel construction 
01790  Wharf construction 
01791  Chimney, concrete, construction 
01792  Concrete finishing 
01793  Concrete floor surfacing 
01794  Concrete pouring 
01795  Concrete pumping (i.e., placement) 
01796  Concrete repair 
01797  Concrete resurfacing 
01798  Footing and foundation concrete contractors 
01799  Foundation, building, poured concrete, contractors 
01800  Grouting (i.e., reinforcing with concrete) 
01801  Gunite contractors 
01802  Gunning shotcrete 
01803  Mud-jacking contractors 
01804  Retaining wall (except anchored earth), poured concrete, construction 
01805  Shotcrete contractors 
01806  Balcony, precast concrete, installation 
01807  Concrete product (e.g., structural precast, structural prestressed) installation 
01808  Concrete reinforcement placement 
01809  Curtain wall, precast concrete, installation 
01810  Erecting structural steel 
01811  Iron work, structural, contractors 
01812  Placing and tying reinforcing rod at a construction site 
01813  Precast concrete panel, slab, or form installation 
01814  Prestressed concrete beam, slab or other component installation 
01815  Rebar contractors 
01816  Reinforcing rod, bar, mesh and cage installation 
01817  Reinforcing steel contractors 
01818  Stairway, precast concrete, installation 
01819  Steel reinforcing contractors 
01820  Structural steel erecting or iron work contractors 
01821  Building framing (except structural steel) 
01822  Carpentry, framing 
01823  Ceiling beam, wood, installation 
01824  Foundation, building, wood, contractors 
01825  Framework, house, contractors 
01826  Framing contractors 
01827  House framing 
01828  Permanent wood foundation installation 
01829  Post framing contractors 
01830  Prefabricated wood frame component (e.g., trusses) installation 
01831  Roof truss (wood) installation 
01832  Sheathing, wood, installation 
01833  Steel framing contractors 
01834  Stud wall (e.g., wood, steel) installation 
01835  Wall component (i.e., exterior, interior), prefabricated, installation 
01836  Wood frame component (e.g., truss) fabrication on site 
01837  Brick veneer, installation 
01838  Bricklaying contractors 
01839  Cement block laying 
01840  Chimney, brick, block or stone, contractors 
01841  Cinder block installation 
01842  Concrete block laying 
01843  Field stone (i.e., masonry) installation 
01844  Fireplace, masonry, installation 
01845  Foundation (e.g., brick, block, stone), building, contractors 
01846  Glass block laying 
01847  Glass unit (i.e., glass block) masonry 
01848  Granite, exterior, contractors 
01849  Marble, granite and slate, exterior, contractors 
01850  Masonry contractors 
01851  Masonry pointing, cleaning or caulking 
01852  Refractory brick contractors 
01853  Retaining wall, masonry (i.e., block, brick, stone), construction 
01854  Slate (i.e., masonry) contractors 
01855  Stonework (i.e., masonry) contractors 
01856  Stucco contractors 
01857  Tuck pointing contractors 
01858  Curtain wall, glass, installation 
01859  Decorative glass and mirror installation 
01860  Glass cladding (i.e., curtain wall), installation 
01861  Glass coating and tinting (except automotive) contractors 
01862  Glass installation (except automotive) contractors 
01863  Glass partitions, installation 
01864  Glazing contractors 
01865  Hermetically sealed window unit, commercial type, installation 
01866  Mirror installation 
01867  Stained glass installation 
01868  Window pane or sheet installation 
01869  Asphalt roof shingle installation 
01870  Copper roofing installation 
01871  Corrugated metal roofing installation 
01872  Galvanized iron roofing installation 
01873  Low slope roofing installation 
01874  Painting, spraying, or coating, roof 
01875  Roll roofing installation 
01876  Roof membrane installation 
01877  Roof painting, spraying, or coating 
01878  Roofing contractors 
01879  Roofing, built-up tar and gravel, installation 
01880  Shake and shingle, roof, installation 
01881  Sheet metal roofing installation 
01882  Skylight installation 
01883  Solar reflecting coating, roof, application 
01884  Steep slope roofing installation 
01885  Treating roofs (by spraying, painting or coating) 
01886  Aluminum siding installation 
01887  Downspout, gutter, and gutter guard installation 
01888  Eavestrough installation 
01889  Fascia and soffit installation 
01890  Flashing contractors 
01891  Gutter and downspout contractors 
01892  Gutters, seamless roof, formed and installed on site 
01893  Ice apron, roof, installation 
01894  Metal siding installation 
01895  Siding (e.g., vinyl, wood, aluminum) installation 
01896  Siding contractors 
01897  Vinyl siding, soffit and fascia, installation 
01898  Wood siding, installation 
01899  Awning installation 
01900  Balcony, metal, installation 
01901  Cathodic protection, installation 
01902  Concrete form contractors 
01903  Curtain wall, metal, installation 
01904  Deck and grate (except roof), metal, installation 
01905  Decorative steel and wrought iron work installation 
01906  Epoxy application contractors 
01907  Erection and dismantling, poured concrete form 
01908  Falsework construction 
01909  Fire escape installation 
01910  Forming contractor 
01911  Forms for poured concrete, erecting and dismantling 
01912  Metal furring contractors 
01913  Ornamental metal work installation 
01914  Shutter installation 
01915  Stairway, metal, installation 
01916  Store front, metal or metal frame, installation 
01917  Urethane slabjacking contractors 
01918  Urethane soil stabilization contractors 
01919  Welding, on site, contractors 
01920  Airport runway lighting contractors 
01921  Alarm system (e.g., fire, burglar), electric, installation only 
01922  Audio equipment installation (except automotive) contractors 
01923  Building automation system installation contractors 
01924  Burglar alarm system, electric, installation only 
01925  Cable splicing, electrical or fiber optic 
01926  Cable television hookup contractors 
01927  Communication equipment installation 
01928  Computer and network cable installation 
01929  Control system (e.g., environmental, humidity, temperature) installation 
01930  Electric contracting 
01931  Electric power control panel and outlet installation 
01932  Electrical contractors 
01933  Electrical equipment and appliance installation 
01934  Electrical wiring contractors 
01935  Electrical work 
01936  Electrical, electrical wiring, and low voltage electrical work 
01937  Electrician 
01938  Electronic containment fencing for pets, installation 
01939  Electronic control installation and service 
01940  Electronic control system installation 
01941  Environmental control system installation 
01942  Fiber optic cable (except transmission lines) installation 
01943  Fire alarm system, electric, installation only 
01944  Highway, street and bridge lighting and electrical signal installation 
01945  Home automation system installation 
01946  Home theater installation 
01947  Humidity control system installation 
01948  Installation of photovoltaic panels 
01949  Intercommunication (intercom) system installation 
01950  Lighting system installation 
01951  Low voltage electrical work 
01952  Private driveway or parking area lighting contractors 
01953  Public address system installation 
01954  Railroad signalling equipment installation 
01955  Security and fire system, installation only 
01956  Smoke detection system, installation only 
01957  Snow melting cable, electric, installation 
01958  Sound equipment installation 
01959  Surveillance system, installation only 
01960  Telecommunications equipment and wiring (except transmission line) installation contractors 
01961  Telephone equipment and building wiring installation 
01962  Telephone installation contractors 
01963  Temperature control system installation 
01964  Traffic signal installation 
01965  Tunnel lighting contractors 
01966  Air system balancing and testing 
01967  Air vent installation 
01968  Air-conditioning system (except window) installation 
01969  Bathroom plumbing fixture and sanitary ware installation 
01970  Blower or fan, cooling and dry heating, installation 
01971  Boiler chipping, cleaning and scaling 
01972  Boiler, heating, installation 
01973  Central air-conditioning equipment installation 
01974  Central cooling equipment and piping installation 
01975  Central heating equipment and piping installation 
01976  Chilled water system installation 
01977  Chimney liner installation 
01978  Commercial freezer installation 
01979  Commercial refrigeration system installation 
01980  Cooling tower installation 
01981  Drain, waste and vent system installation 
01982  Drinking fountain installation 
01983  Dry heating equipment installation 
01984  Duct work (e.g., cooling, dust collection, exhaust, heating, ventilation) installation 
01985  Dust collecting and bag house equipment installation 
01986  Exhaust system (e.g., kitchens, industrial work areas) installation 
01987  Fire sprinkler system installation 
01988  Fireplace, natural gas, installation 
01989  Fuel oil burner installation 
01990  Furnace conversion (i.e., from one fuel to another) 
01991  Furnace humidifier installation 
01992  Furnace installation 
01993  Furnace, forced air, installation 
01994  Gas fitting contractor 
01995  Gas line installation, individual hookup, contractors 
01996  Heat pump installation 
01997  Heating and cooling duct work installation 
01998  Heating and ventilation system component (e.g., air registers, diffusers, filters, grilles, sound attenuators) installation 
01999  Heating boiler installation 
02000  Heating contractors 
02001  Heating equipment installation 
02002  Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) contractors 
02003  Hot water heating system installation 
02004  Hot water tank installation 
02005  Household oil storage tank installation 
02006  HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) contractors 
02007  Hydronic heating system installation 
02008  Industrial process piping installation 
02009  Kitchen sink and hardware installation 
02010  Lawn sprinkler system installation  
02011  Mechanical contractors 
02012  Natural gas piping installation 
02013  Oil burner installation 
02014  Pipe fitting contractors 
02015  Plumbers 
02016  Plumbing and heating contractors 
02017  Plumbing contractors 
02018  Plumbing fixture installation 
02019  Process piping installation 
02020  Pumping system, water, installation 
02021  Radiant floor heating equipment installation 
02022  Refrigeration system (e.g., commercial, industrial, scientific) installation 
02023  Sanitary ware installation 
02024  Scrubber, air purification, installation 
02025  Sewer hook-up and connection, building 
02026  Sheet metal duct work installation 
02027  Snow melting system (e.g., hot water, glycol) installation 
02028  Solar heating equipment installation 
02029  Sprinkler system, building, installation 
02030  Steam fitting contractors 
02031  Sump pump installation 
02032  Ventilating contractors 
02033  Warehouse refrigeration system installation 
02034  Warm air heating system installation 
02035  Water heater installation 
02036  Water meter installation 
02037  Water softener installation 
02038  Water system balancing and testing contractors 
02039  Antenna, household-type, installation 
02040  ATMs (automatic teller machines) installation 
02041  Automated and revolving door installation 
02042  Automatic gate (e.g., garage, parking lot) installation 
02043  Boiler and pipe insulation installation 
02044  Boiler covering installation 
02045  Bowling alley equipment installation 
02046  Church bell and tower clock installation 
02047  Commercial kitchen food preparation equipment (e.g., mixers, ovens, stoves) installation 
02048  Commercial-type door installation 
02049  Conveyor system installation 
02050  Deodorization (i.e., air filtration) system installation 
02051  Dismantling large-scale machinery and equipment 
02052  Door, commercial- or industrial-type, installation 
02053  Duct insulation installation 
02054  Dumbwaiter installation 
02055  Elevator installation 
02056  Escalator installation 
02057  Garage door, commercial- or industrial-type, installation 
02058  Gasoline pump, service station, installation 
02059  Hoisting and placement of large-scale apparatus 
02060  Incinerators, building equipment type, installation 
02061  Insulation, boiler, duct and pipe, installation 
02062  Lightning protection equipment (e.g., lightning rod) installation 
02063  Lightning rod and conductor installation 
02064  Machine rigging 
02065  Machinery and equipment, large-scale, installation 
02066  Materials handling equipment installation 
02067  Mechanical equipment insulation 
02068  Millwrights 
02069  Motor vehicle garage and service station mechanical equipment (e.g., gasoline pumps, hoists) installation 
02070  Moving sidewalk installation 
02071  Overhead door, commercial- or industrial-type, installation 
02072  Pipe covering 
02073  Pipe, duct and boiler insulation 
02074  Pneumatic tube conveyor system installation 
02075  Power boiler, installation only 
02076  Power generating equipment installation 
02077  Revolving door installation 
02078  Rigging large-scale equipment 
02079  Rubber door installation 
02080  Satellite dish, household-type, installation 
02081  Vacuum cleaning system, built-in, installation 
02082  Vault, safe and banking machine installation 
02083  Vehicle lift installation 
02084  Vending machine installation 
02085  Water pipe insulating 
02086  Acoustical ceiling tile and panel installation 
02087  Acoustical foam (i.e., sound barrier) installation 
02088  Attic space insulating 
02089  Blown-in insulation (e.g., cellulose, vermiculite) installation 
02090  Building fireproofing contractors 
02091  Building insulation contractors 
02092  Ceiling tile installation 
02093  Cellulosic fiber insulation installation 
02094  Drop ceiling installation 
02095  Drywall contractors 
02096  Drywall finishing (e.g., sanding, spackling, stippling, taping, texturing) 
02097  Drywall hanging 
02098  Drywall installation 
02099  Exterior insulation finish system installation 
02100  Fabric wall system, noise insulating, installation 
02101  Finishing drywall contractors 
02102  Fireproof flooring installation 
02103  Fireproofing buildings 
02104  Firestop contractors  
02105  Foam insulation installation 
02106  Fresco (i.e., decorative plaster finishing) contractors 
02107  Glass fiber insulation installation 
02108  Gypsum board installation 
02109  Insulation contractors 
02110  Lathing contractors 
02111  Mineral wool insulation installation 
02112  Panel or rigid board insulation installation 
02113  Plastering (i.e., ornamental, plain) contractors 
02114  Polystyrene board insulation installation 
02115  Roof insulation contractor 
02116  Soundproofing contractors 
02117  Styrofoam insulation installation 
02118  Suspended ceiling installation 
02119  Taping and finishing drywall 
02120  Urethane foam insulation application 
02121  Wall cavity and attic space insulation installation 
02122  Bridge painting 
02123  Electrostatic painting, on site, contractors 
02124  Engineering structure (e.g., oil storage tank, water tower) painting 
02125  House painting 
02126  Paint and wallpaper stripping 
02127  Painting (except roof) contractors 
02128  Painting and wallpapering 
02129  Paperhanging and removal contractors 
02130  Paperhanging or removal contractors 
02131  Rustproofing (except automotive) 
02132  Ship painting contractors 
02133  Wall covering or removal contractors 
02134  Wallpaper hanging and removal contractors 
02135  Wallpaper stripping 
02136  Whitewashing contractors 
02137  Access flooring installation 
02138  Asphalt flooring, installation only 
02139  Carpet, installation only 
02140  Computer flooring installation 
02141  Floor laying, scraping, finishing and refinishing 
02142  Floor tile and sheets, installation only 
02143  Hardwood flooring, installation only 
02144  Linoleum, installation only 
02145  Parquet flooring installation 
02146  Resilient floor tile or sheet (e.g., linoleum, rubber, vinyl), installation only 
02147  Resurfacing hardwood flooring 
02148  Vinyl flooring contractors 
02149  Wood floor finishing (e.g., coating, sanding) 
02150  Wood flooring, installation only 
02151  Ceramic tile installation 
02152  Granite, interior, installation 
02153  Mantel, marble or stone, installation 
02154  Marble, granite and slate, interior, contractors 
02155  Mosaic work 
02156  Slate, interior, installation 
02157  Stone flooring installation 
02158  Terrazzo and tile refinishing 
02159  Terrazzo contractors 
02160  Tile (except resilient) contractors 
02161  Tile (except resilient) laying and setting 
02162  Aluminum door and window, residential-type, installation 
02163  Built-in wood cabinets constructed on site 
02164  Cabinet work performed at the construction site 
02165  Cabinetry work performed at the construction site 
02166  Cabinets, wood built-in, constructed on site 
02167  Carpenters (except framing) 
02168  Carpentry work (except framing) 
02169  Counter top, residential-type, installation 
02170  Deck construction, residential-type 
02171  Door and window frame construction 
02172  Door and window, prefabricated, installation 
02173  Door, folding, installation 
02174  Finish carpentry 
02175  Garage door, residential-type, installation 
02176  Hermetically sealed window unit, residential-type, installation 
02177  Kitchen cabinets and counters, constructed on site 
02178  Millwork installation 
02179  Molding or trim, wood or plastic, installation 
02180  Overhead door, residential-type, installation 
02181  Paneling installation 
02182  Prefabricated kitchen and bath cabinet, residential-type, installation 
02183  Prefabricated sash and door installation 
02184  Shelving, wood, constructed on site 
02185  Ship joinery contractors 
02186  Stairway, wood, installation 
02187  Trim and finish carpentry contractors 
02188  Window and door (residential-type) of any material, prefabricated, installation 
02189  Window installation 
02190  Window, metal-frame residential-type, installation 
02191  Window, wood, installation 
02192  Bath tub refinishing on site 
02193  Bleacher installation 
02194  Building fixture and fitting (except mechanical equipment) installation 
02195  Caulking (i.e., waterproofing) contractors 
02196  Ceiling, metal, installation 
02197  Closet organizer system installation 
02198  Coating concrete structures with plastics 
02199  Concrete coating, glazing or sealing 
02200  Countertop and cabinet, metal (except residential-type), installation 
02201  Dampproofing contractors 
02202  Drapery fixture (e.g., hardware, rods, tracks) installation 
02203  Fabrication, metal cabinet or countertop, on site 
02204  Foundation dampproofing (including installing rigid foam insulation) 
02205  Laboratory furniture and equipment installation 
02206  Lead lining walls for x-ray room contractors 
02207  Modular furniture system attachment and installation 
02208  Office furniture, modular system, installation 
02209  Panel, metal, installation 
02210  Partition (e.g., office, washroom), metal, installation 
02211  Partition, moveable and/or demountable, installation 
02212  Shelving, metal, constructed on site 
02213  Spectator seating installation 
02214  Trade show exhibit installation and dismantling contractors 
02215  Ventilated wire shelving (i.e., closet organizing-type) installation 
02216  Vibration isolation contractors 
02217  Waterproofing contractors 
02218  Weather stripping installation 
02219  Weatherproofing concrete 
02220  Window shade and blind installation 
02221  Aerial or picker truck, construction, rental with operator 
02222  Backfilling, construction 
02223  Backhoe rental with operator 
02224  Blast hole drilling (except mining) 
02225  Blasting, building demolition 
02226  Blasting, construction site 
02227  Boring, for building construction 
02228  Building demolition 
02229  Bulldozer rental with operator 
02230  Caisson (i.e., drilled building foundations) construction 
02231  Cesspool construction 
02232  Concrete breaking and cutting for demolition 
02233  Construction equipment (except crane) rental with operator 
02234  Core drilling and test boring for construction 
02235  Crawler tractor rental with operator 
02236  Cutting new rights of way 
02237  Demolition contractor 
02238  Demolition, building and structure 
02239  Dewatering contractors 
02240  Digging foundations 
02241  Dirt moving for construction 
02242  Dismantling engineering structures (e.g., oil storage tank) 
02243  Drainage system (e.g., cesspool, septic tank) installation 
02244  Drilled pier (i.e., for building foundations) contractors 
02245  Drilled shaft (i.e., drilled building foundations) construction 
02246  Dry well construction 
02247  Equipment rental (except crane), construction, with operator 
02248  Excavating, earthmoving or land clearing, mining (except overburden removal at open pit mine sites or quarries) 
02249  Excavating, earthmoving, or land clearing contractors 
02250  Excavation contractors 
02251  Foundation digging (i.e., excavation) 
02252  Foundation drilling contractors 
02253  Grading construction sites 
02254  Grave excavation contractors 
02255  Ground thawing for construction site digging 
02256  House demolishing 
02257  House razing 
02258  Hydrodemolition (i.e., demolition with pressurized water) contractors 
02259  Land clearing 
02260  Land leveling contractors 
02261  Line slashing or cutting (except maintenance) 
02262  Machinery, construction (except cranes), rental with operator 
02263  Mine site preparation and related construction activities, construction contractors 
02264  Pile driving, building foundation 
02265  Piling (i.e., bored, cast-in-place, drilled), building foundation, contractors 
02266  Power shovel, construction, rental with operator 
02267  Power, communication and pipe line right of way clearance (except maintenance) 
02268  Right of way cutting (except maintenance) 
02269  Septic system contractors 
02270  Septic tank and weeping tile installation 
02271  Soil compacting 
02272  Soil test drilling 
02273  Test boring for construction 
02274  Trenching (except underwater) 
02275  Underground tank (except hazardous material) removal 
02276  Weeping tile installation 
02277  Wrecking, building or other structure 
02278  Artificial turf installation 
02279  Asphalt coating and sealing, residential and commercial parking lot and driveway 
02280  Asphalting, residential and commercial driveway and parking area 
02281  Billboard erection 
02282  Blacktop work, residential and commercial driveway and parking area 
02283  Boat lift installation 
02284  Brick driveway contractors 
02285  Brick paver (e.g., driveways, patios, sidewalks) installation 
02286  Cable splicing (except electrical or fiber optic) 
02287  Chain link fence installation 
02288  Cleaning building interiors during and immediately after construction 
02289  Cleaning new building interiors immediately after construction 
02290  Concrete patio construction 
02291  Concrete paving, residential and commercial driveway and parking area 
02292  Concrete sawing and drilling (except demolition) 
02293  Construction elevator (i.e., temporary use during construction) erection and dismantling 
02294  Crane rental with operator 
02295  Culvert, concrete, residential and commercial paved area 
02296  Curb and gutter construction, residential and commercial driveway and parking area, concrete 
02297  Driveway paving or sealing 
02298  Fence installation (except electronic containment fencing for pets) 
02299  Fencing contractors (except electronic containment fencing for pets) 
02300  Flagpole installation 
02301  House moving (i.e., raising from one site, moving, and placing on a new foundation) 
02302  Interlocking brick and block installation 
02303  Mail box units, outdoor, multiple box-type, erection 
02304  Manufactured (mobile) home set up and tie down  
02305  Parking lot paving and sealing 
02306  Patio construction 
02307  Paver, brick (e.g., driveway, patio, sidewalk), installation 
02308  Paving, residential and commercial driveway and parking lot 
02309  Playground equipment installation 
02310  Pole (e.g., telephone) removal 
02311  Posthole digging 
02312  Radon gas alleviation contractors 
02313  Safety net system, erecting and dismantling at construction site 
02314  Sandblasting, building exterior 
02315  Scaffold erecting and dismantling 
02316  Shoring, construction 
02317  Sidewalk construction, residential and commercial 
02318  Sign (except on highways, streets, bridges and tunnels) erection 
02319  Sign, building, erection 
02320  Statue erection 
02321  Steeplejack work 
02322  Street, interlocking brick (i.e., not mortared), installation 
02323  Swimming pool screen enclosure construction 
02324  Swimming pool, outdoor, construction 
02325  Tank lining contractors 
02326  Turf, artificial, installation 
02327  Underpinning, construction 

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