022S0 Utilities
Digital Television Channels
01286   Power generation, geothermal
01287   Biomass electric power generation
01288   Electric power generation, biomass
01289   Power generation, biomass
01290  Electric power generation, tidal 
01291  Power generation, tidal electric 
01292  Electric power control 
01293  Electric power transmission systems 
01294  Transmission of electric power 
01295  Distribution of electric power 
01296  Electric power brokers 
01297  Electric power distribution systems 
01298  Blue gas, carbureted, production and distribution 
01299  Coke oven gas, production and distribution 
01300  Distribution of manufactured gas 
01301  Distribution of natural gas 
01302  Gas, manufactured, production and distribution 
01303  Gas, mixed natural and manufactured, production and distribution 
01304  Gas, natural, distribution 
01305  Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) distribution through mains 
01306  Manufactured gas production and distribution 
01307  Natural gas brokers 
01308  Natural gas distribution systems 
01309  Natural gas marketers 
01310  Canal, irrigation 
01311  Filtration plant, water 
01312  Impounding reservoirs, irrigation 
01313  Irrigation system operation 
01314  Water distribution (except irrigation) 
01315  Water distribution for irrigation 
01316  Water filtration plant operation 
01317  Water supply systems 
01318  Water treatment and distribution 
01319  Water treatment plants 
01320  Collection, treatment, and disposal of waste through a sewer system 
01321  Sewage disposal plants 
01322  Sewage treatment plants or facilities 
01323  Sewer systems 
01324  Waste collection, treatment, and disposal through a sewer system 
01325  Air-conditioning supply 
01326  Cooled air distribution 
01327  Distribution of cooled air 
01328  Distribution of heated air 
01329  Distribution of steam heat 
01330  Geothermal steam production 
01331  Heat, steam, distribution 
01332  Heated air distribution 
01333  Heating steam (suppliers of heat) providers 
01334  Steam heat distribution 
01335  Steam heating systems (i.e., suppliers of heat) 
01336  Steam production and distribution 
01337  Steam supply systems, including geothermal