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Our IBM Watson 2018 Business Plan as of July 7, 2018

Author details

Business Partner Company: IRONSIDEnewMedia Inc.

First Name: Mark

Last Name: Ironside

Authorized Representative:  Mark Ironside









Our Business Plan

Industry: Education

Solution: Cloud services

What Watson API(s) will your solution include?

·         Discovery

·         Knowledge Catalog

·         Knowledge Studio

·         Language Translator

·         Machine Learning

·         Natural Language Classifier

·         Natural Language Understanding

·         Personality Insights

·         Speech to Text

·         Text to Speech

·         Tone Analyzer

·         Visual Recognition

·         Watson Assistant (formally Conversation)

·         Watson Studio

Value proposition: In one sentence, describe the value your solution will provide to your customers.

Specific Purpose Network Digital TV™ is an Over-the-Top OTT Broadcast Project designed to create a new media digital economy.

Your solution: Describe your solution. What specific Watson API(s) will you leverage in your solution? How will these APIs be used?

This is our solution. There are many like it, but this one is ours. Our solution is our best friend. It is our life. We must master it as we must master our lives.

Our solution integrates hardware (IoT Unit), software (our SaaS) and services (hosting, customization, media) to build digital television channels for the Specific Purpose Network™ DTV Channels with the goal of providing 100% relevancy. Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for our Users to get specific knowledge, data or information from best-in-class sources. [SPN tv™] is an Over-The-Top Broadcasting project with the specific goal of educating, ecommerce enabling and entertaining our network of end-users, businesses and affiliates. Our solution, to our knowledge, will be the first, fully rounded new media solution meant to give the end-user the specific data they looking for within a few clicks, the business person, looking to increase sales, decrease overheads and improve communications and people who are looking for ways to create income, catch the digital wave and live safe, secure and fun digital lives.

Our software is based on our book FUTURNOMICS – newMedia, New Businesses | Digital Education, eCommerce and Entertainment™. Our New Media Development programs are based on THINK ABOUT I.T., BUILD I.T. AND SELL I.T. Our proven methodology has been used to create and deliver many products and services, the difference, this time is it’s our products and services.

Our solution consists of two parts:

1. SPN tv IoT New Media Unit [IoT Unit] 

2. Specific Purpose Network Digital TV

1. SPN tv IoT New Media Unit [IoT Unit] 

Usually, OTT Broadcasters have a set-top box, we have hexagon and not for the set-top. Each SPN tv IoT New Media Unit [IoT Unit] has a unique ID [License] and designed to create and upload ‘original new media digital assets’ and IP in the forms of HD video, HQ audio, text, graphics, animation and technology files. These files are then treated, filtered, sorted, indexed and pushed to their Specific Purpose containers with Watson real-time tracking, analysis and site-admin. The IoT Unit automatically connects to SPN tv and potentially starts broadcasting LIVE and/or could be connected 24/7/365.

This is a very tangible and easy way for people and businesses to quickly produce, process, stream and publish digital assets. Our solution provides the Digital Direction so people can start actively participating in building their new digital lives and will help businesses dealing with digital transformation.

2. Specific Purpose Network Digital TV™ [SPN tv™]

Born out of 30 years of wasted hours searching for the right photograph for an ad campaign, the right background soundtrack for a TV spot or spending hours rendering animation to make a client’s logo to spin. 

THOUGHT - There must be an easier way to find specific knowledge, data or digital content to accomplish analog or digital tasks for a specific vertical market for a specific purpose, so far, no luck. December 15, 2015, we started our first build day 1478 counting down to our launch January 1, 2020, July 17, 2018 marks day 532 until launch.


Our High Level Matrix :

Click 1: Login, Default Language, Default Skill Level and Default DTV Channel Layout Preference 

Click 2: Select one of the 50 Worldwide Market Sectors
11A Agriculture
11A Fishing
11A Hunting
11A Forestry
21B Mining
21B Quarrying
21B Oil/Gas
22D Utilities
23F Construction
31C Leather Manufacturing
32C Non-Metallic Manufacturing
33C Miscellaneous Manufacturing
42G Wholesale
44G Retail Stores
45G Retail Stores and DIGITAL Stores
48H Transportation
49H Delivery/Warehousing
51J Information
51J Cultural
52K Finance
52K Insurance
53L Real Estate
53L Rental
53L Leasing
54M Professional
54M Scientific
54M Technical
55M Management of Companies
56E Water Supply
56E Sewage
56E Waste Management
56E Remediation
61P Education
62Q Health Care
62Q Social Care
71R Arts
71R Entertainment
71R Recreation
72I Accommodations
72I Food Services
81S Other Services
92O Public Services
92U National
92U Worldwide
99Y New Media
100D Digital
111Z IRONSIDE newMedia
111B EZ Computer Learning
123A Spiritual

Click 3: Select one of the Specific 20,000 Vertical Market Digital Stations [small sample of verticals]

Our DTV Station # Industry Code Vertical Market

07492 331110 Steel mills 
07493 331110 Steel, from pig iron, manufacturing 
07494 331110 Strip, galvanized iron or steel, made in iron and steel mills 
07495 331110 Strip, iron or steel, made in iron and steel mills 
07496 331110 Structural shapes, iron or steel, made in iron and steel mills 
07497 331110 Superalloys, iron or steel, manufacturing 
07498 331110 Template, made in iron and steel mills, manufacturing 
07499 331110 Terneplate made in iron and steel mills 
07500 331110 Ternes, iron or steel, long or short, made in iron and steel mills 
07501 331110 Tie plates, iron or steel, made in iron and steel mills 

Click 4: Select one of our Specific Purpose Programs to get instant 100% relevant Specific Purpose results

4K, 3D, 3D Printing, 3D Video, About, Accounting, Advertising, Affiliate Programs, Analytics, Apps, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Autoresponders, Awards, Banners, Buttons, Billboards, Blogs, Business 
Administration, Business Intelligence, Business Management, C#, Certificates, Challenges, Classifieds, Client Relationship Management, CRM, Cloud, Co-Branding, Communication, Companies, Competitions, Computer Assisted Design (CAD), Computer Assisted Machining (CAM), Consulting, Contests, Cookies, Coupons, Crowdfunding, DaaS, Databases, Dedicated Channels, Desktop Publishing, Directories, Disabilities, Downloads, eCommerce, Education, Electronic Data Interchange, Email Broadcast, Events, Financing, Focus Groups, Forms, Forums, Games, Giveaways | FREE Stuff, Graphic Novels, Graphics, Hardware, Help, History, How to, IaaS, Instruction, Intellectual Property, Internet, Intranet, IoT, Java, Javascript, Link Exchanges, Linux, Local Area Network LAN, Management of Information Systems, Marketing, Mascots, Media, Memberships, Mobile, Multimedia Message Service MMS, Networking Specialists, New Media, New Media Partners, Newsgroups, Newsletters, Newspaper, Newsroom, Non-Profits, Old Media, PaaS, PHP, Polls, Portals, Price Lists, Print, Engineers, Product Placement, Programmers, Project Management, Q.R. Codes, Questionnaires, Radio, 
Recognition, Referrals, Research, Resources, Reviews, Robotics, RSS Feeds, Sales, Search Engine Optimization, Security, Services, Share, Shop, Short Message Service – SMS, Sim, Software, Software Engineers, Software, Support, Speech-to-Text, Sponsorship, Spreadsheets, SQL, Story, Surveys, System Analysts, System Designers, System Engineers, Technicians, Television, Test Marketing – Beta, Text-to-Speech, Trade Magazines, Translations, Unix, Video, Video Production, Viral Videos, Virtual Reality, Visual and Audio, Voice Recognition, Wearables, Wide Area Network WAN, Wordprocessing, XAML

Case Study: You want specific data on how soy-beans are farmed because you want to start a soy bean garden. Digital TV Channel Specific Purpose DTV Channel 11A0-0001-138DD will have 100% relevant video, audio, text, graphics, animation and technology content for the Specific Purpose of Soy Bean Farming complete plus the GUI gives them effortless access to the other 399 relevant Specific Purposes.


Market Sector | Vertical Market DTV Station | Specific Purpose

11A - Agriculture | 00001 Soy Bean Farming | 138DD How-to

Case Study: You want to explore the steel mill industry. DTV Station 07492

Market Sector | Vertical Market DTV Station | Specific Purpose

33C - Manufacturing | 07492 Steel Mills | 104DI Companies

Specific Purpose DTV Channel 33C-07492-104DI

gives an index of all the Steel Mill Companies complete plus the other 399 relevant Specific Purposes.

Today, each DTV Channel Block consist of video, audio, text, graphics, animation, technology, television, radio, internet, print, digital, site/block admin, financial, affiliates, sponsorship and relevant advertising. After going 
through this business plan exercise we now know Watson will be able to increase our relevancy ratings and Specific Purpose and speed to market.

The End-User Experience, login with email and password, set default language, experience level and new media content modes [video, audio, text, graphics, animation or technology modes] each with formatted elements in each mode.

For instance;
Text mode will limit the graphics, video, audio and other elements.
Video mode features video rich content in a TV Guide like format and will limit the other elements.
Audio mode features more radio, podcast, audio book formats.

They will be able to browse the network for FREE to accomplish their specific objectives and specific purpose. We will add value added bundles for a small subscription fee, the goal is to keep the cost for the end-user close to $0 as possible. We are looking to build a habitual relationship with our End-Users where we become the go-to SaaS to get instant 100% relevant Specific Purpose results.

The Business-User Experience is two-fold.

One, as a resource, quickly and efficiently finding specific knowledge, data or information, saving valuable time. We are looking to build a habitual relationship with our Business-Users where we become the go-to SaaS to get instant 100% relevant to complete Specific Purpose tasks.

Two, giving the Business-User the most advanced AI and 400 Specific Programs to drive their digital transformation and digital marketing initiatives. By simply filling in the Specific Purpose Digital Direction Questionnaire™ in programmatic manner creating a customized Specific Purpose DTV Channel complete with the relevant Horizontal Specific Purpose Digital Marketing Programs. We are looking to build a habitual relationship with our End-Users where we become the go-to SaaS to get instant 100% relevant Specific Purpose Digital Marketing tasks.

The Affiliate Experience is akin to Netflix, who enters into licensing agreements with studios and other content distributors. Directors and producers receive remuneration if their contract stipulates payment for revenues 
generated through these streams. Our system works differently. Affiliates will be licensing our SaaS, education, ecommerce and entertainment system to create 100% relevant ‘original digital content’ for their designated Specific Purpose DTV Channel. For instance, their unique ID is connected to DTV Channel 11A0-0001-138DD, English, Agriculture, Soy Bean Farming, How-to, their responsibility after proper training, evaluation and certification would be to find every link, source, video, audio, text, graphics, animation, technology or admin knowledge, data or information about How-to Soy Bean Farm. Affiliates can perform their duties without the IoT Unit however it makes their production, and streaming much more effective. We are looking to build a working relationship with our Affiliate-Users where we become a new source to create income, sharing in the success of the DTV Channels they help build. They curate and create ‘original content’, upload it to the network and get paid based on SPN tv criteria. 

The upload criteria, and the code sets of classification will give the network the desired content, it will also provide the network with real-time digital asset management and monitoring giving our site admin real-time valuation for our cyberDOLLAR™ Blockchain fabric.

We will also be giving the Affiliates the opportunity to create their own digital income by providing them with SPN tv digital assets to assist with their dreams and builds. We will be encouraging and in fact educating the 
Affiliates to use our technology to create their own new media opportunities, hence their own IP outside of the network.

User Pitch ‘Horizontal Solutions for a Vertical World’ You handle your specific talent, skills, knowledge & potential and we will take care of the technology and sales to create a basic income and work with us to build perpetual digital assets which can be sold worldwide, at a profit. The goal of our solution is to deliver our users a digital direction to optimize specific data, knowledge, tools with our SaaS platform to assist in evolving their new life in building this new digital world to make a profit doing I.T. Never in the history of mankind have we had so much technology, creating digital transformation and new opportunities. Our solution makes it easy to learn about digital, learn how to benefit from digital and how to build in digital. Call or login now for your FREE Trial.

On January 1, 2020 will become the largest Specific Purpose Digital Television Network in the World by launching in 6 Languages with 48M of the 400 Million SPN Digital Television Channels. Powered by IBM Watson API’s, Cloud, Blockchain and IoT, based on the World Economic Forum’s 
“Future of Economic Progress” chart.


Giving people and businesses an easy to understand digital direction in this digitally chaotic world by creating a new media digital economy built to give the world and its people a new way of benefiting from their potential, talent, knowledge and skills by teaching them how to create digital assets and IP. And not only that but be able to use our AI and API driven sales engine the ‘New Media Marketing Machine™’ so they don’t have to worry about selling, we will even handle that with our media partners.

Our solution combines education, ecommerce and entertainment rolled into our new media core made up of video, audio, text, graphics, animation and technology backed by our cyberDOLLAR Blockchain fabric to keep track of our ‘Upload to Get Paid’ or our ‘Download to Pay’ Smart Contracts which are the basis of each of our SPN Digital TV Channels. We will be the fastest growing Specific Purpose™ Company in the World by providing an AI driven, intuitive, easy to understand way of embracing technology based on our EZ Computer Learning Series™ and our 2011 book called FUTURNOMICS – newMedia, new Businesses™ and our 2013 Award Winning DEVto contest for best UX App Concept. Our solution is differentiated from what exists in the market today by providing 100% relevant with our fully rounded Digital Directions System™ based on education, ecommerce and entertainment to deliver Specific Purpose data, knowledge and new media content.

At its core, kernel and root FUTURNOMICS contains our 120 Hour - 15 Module New Media Development Curriculum™ is based on: 

Phase I – Think about I.T, 

Phase II – Build I.T. and 

Phase III – Sell I.T. 

Built to show and teach about the opportunities with new media in building the global digital economy. Our EZ Computer Learning Series™, our proprietary education system, guides the end-user with their customized Digital Direction, technology basics all the way to advanced learning paths. FUTURNOMICS™ provides the 
Affiliates with an accelerated digital awareness to allow them to create their own agendas, based on the results from their NEEDS, HAVES & WANTS Needs Analysis. The cognitive abilities of our AI will allow us to increase the effectiveness and digital directions plus recommendations to what they should choose next. 

With only 536 Days left in our build should give us enough time build our cognitive reasoning to be able to create customized development plans based on our data acquisition.

What Watson API(s) will you leverage?

First, Thank-you for Watson Studio and the Knowledge Catalog. 

We are using ALL Watson API’s plus others below in various forms and in different instances for Specific Purposes. Discovery - Virtual Assistant - Language Translator - Natural Language Classifier - Natural Language 
Understanding - Personality Insights - Speech to Text - Text to Speech - Tone Analyzer - Visual Recognition

We are becoming inherently dependent on IBM API’s and services with ongoing real-time costs based on time and space. We trust IBM as our Business Partner, this BUILD 2018 has led us to switch the cloud we are building our SaaS on, Thanks again.

If we are selected for the prototype development phase, we would look forward to using the Beta Catalog API and Beta Watson Data. Major parts of our solution will also embed Watson Customer Engagement, Cloud Video and Blockchain as a Service. Watson Analytics for our real-time monitoring and modifications. Watson IoT Platform/Analytics, IoT Content Mapping, IoT Driver Behavior, Identity Token plus Streaming Analytics for our (black box) SPN TV IoT DTV Unit. WebSphere Commerce Services as the infrastructure for our ecommerce. SaaS User and Subscription Management to look after our End-User, Business User and Affiliate Users. The Content Hub is one of the most exciting tools we have from our digital marketing and media perspective. Event Manager to assist us in our quest to hold significant, consistent events and digital tv events.

And finally, we obviously need Cloud Application Performance Management to increase our efficiencies to deliver the best UX and experience possible for our users.

How will these APIs be used? 

Discovery is critical for SPN tv™. The ability to take uploaded data, be able to analyze it and then convert it into .txt, .pdf, .csv etc. will assist in routing the files to the proper containers for consumption based on our Specific Purpose Watson Corpus will lead to increased more relevancy.

Virtual Assistants

Initial Concepts for our Virtual Concepts; we currently have enough original data to build our initial models.

Character Role, Functionality and Characteristics - Corpus material and Watson training path

Sr. - Serious Salesman - Starchy, old fashion, wise, our 200-page sales manual and sales prospectus BUILD this VA core with Thomas Watson Sr. sales theories, his dynamic optimism and leadership skills, we will train him to be frank yet understanding, firm however responsible and for shock and awe a rant once in a while to show the SERIOUS side. 

Jr. - Progressive Visionary -Young, spunky and enthusiastic with a hint of realism and the ability to think about future causes and effects. Our existing 321 pg. book FUTURNOMICS to base our initial ingestion. Specific Purposes will allow Jr. to explore the latest and greatest. Spreadsheets are Jr.’s best friends and they will help him with his projections and visions.

Big Mamma If IBM stood for International Big Mamma and she is exactly how you would envision a great Mother. In the beginning we would build her coming out of the Big Blue University and then age her as the years go by. Comprise the initial corpus with IBM’s history, transitions, architecture always learning, always aging - teaching her sound motherly advice with a non-pin stripe, non-starchy manner Big Mamma will be the default VA and always be on call.

Pa Persnickety, however kind and always willing to give you more advice [data] than you necessarily need. This VA will be built within the algorithm to put adjacent data together from other relevant Specific Purpose DTV Channels with added left field inclusions which go from 10% relevance to 100% answering the question What mood is Pa in today?

The Computer Whizz Kid Always helpful, witty and humorous. Our EZ Computer Learning courses typing, basics, coding, business building - tied into our Digital Direction strategy giving results and roadmaps

Vinny the Virus Vicious Prankster Virus awareness education and hints Lists, scenarios, case studies, solutions, protection etc.

Malicious Malcolm Aggressively Disruptive Malware awareness education and hints Lists, scenarios, case studies, solutions, protection etc.

Dr. Computer Super geeky know-it all Our Hardware, software, service and digital service modules from FUTURNOMICS - Needs analysis-based support.

Identity Ida Sleezy and slithering ID Theft awareness education and hints Lists, scenarios, case studies, solutions, protection etc.

Phoney Phil Verbally abusive, shyster, threatening Telephone Theft and coercion awareness education and hints Lists, scenarios, case studies, solutions, protection etc.

Language Translator – We have the goal of expanding to 50 languages. Our BUILD prototype the goal of having our initial DTV Channels launched English by the November 6, 2018. Due to our new media, we need to be able to translate all our video, audio, text, graphics, animation, technology, keywords, indexes, metatags, copyright management, communications all need to be translated. We have only scheduled 6 languages for our January 1, 2020 launch. [Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian and German] Once we have our core English module complete, our processes should become fairly academic with critical review, staging and quality controls.

Natural Language Classifier
– another critical part of our Specific Purpose classification for each file needs to be ID’d, tracked, formatted, asset management, blockchain etc. and we are hoping with the Classifier we will be 
able to easily flow the files through and then deposit them into their respective containers video, audio, text, graphics, animation, tech or site administration.

Natural Language Understanding – Learning intent and in our training being able to categorize our new media assets is also critical. Just the time savings sweeping through data to find specific purpose elements will be a huge asset.

Personality Insights – For those who are looking to become an Affiliate with our company finding the Specific Purpose DTV Channel they are best suited for we are developing our own Journey type system called Specific Purpose Digital Directions™ based on customizing a person’s Specific Purpose based around their Needs, Haves and Wants Personality Analysis [draft name] Our logic actually uses the Big Five and Maslow’s Hierarchy to qualify potential users to help in customizing their Specific Purpose Digital Directions™. 

For instance, a 30-year-old, robot displaced worker in the outskirts of Detroit, needs a job, has a diploma in toothpick dispensing, lives on his friend’s couch and wants a girlfriend.

Specific Purpose Digital Direction™ – the corpus has ingested trends and delivers stuff a 30 year old would like, chooses a set of instructions for unemployed with parameters to get resume templates, finding a new job advice, community help, gets all the toothpick manufacturers, wholesalers, the biggest opportunities in your old job, new media opportunities in the toothpick dispensing field, suggests ways of creating new revenue getting off his friends couch and to give his friend a break by going to an AirBnB for the weekend, and downloads how to win girlfriends and influence her parents, and suggest profile elements for his agreeable personality to put on his profile for his new girlfriend search on Match. 

Obviously, we will have to work on the corpus, scenarios, training and build a non-intrusive, personal but not too personal approach. The goal of our Personality Insights is to be able to give the user a sense of wow, with my talent, skill, potential, experience and knowledge does have purpose, Specific Purpose.

Speech to Text – the IoT unit will be able to turn on the audio recording feature and Watson will take the audio turn it into our formatted text, feed it into the Classifier then create video, audio, text, graphics, animation and 
technology digital IP assets in 50 languages.

Text to Speech – the IoT unit will be able to turn on the text feature and Watson will take the text and turn it into our formatted text, feed it into the Classifier then create video, audio, text, graphics, animation and technology digital IP assets in 50 languages.

Speech to Text - Each DTV Channel, UX and interface is built with new media lending itself to users who can’t read and need audio input, the visually impaired will benefit with increased fonts and other defaults with the right set of commands. Speech to commands, actions, nuances and AI teaching exercises.

Our DTV IoT Unit activation will be trained to accomplish simple functions at first [record, upload, download, get etc.] to accept simple instructions and increase in complexity as we progress. Again, everything will need to be AI compiled into original video, audio, text, graphics, animation and technology assets.

Tone Analyzer – As our system learns our system, being able to gage our users’ level of confusion, frustrations, or acceptance will allow us to suggest customizations to modify the simplicity levels of our interface UX Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, Developer

Visual Recognition – the Specific Purpose Network TV – digital television network In some way shape or form our videos need to be dissected into meta tags to feed our cognitive and AI teaching to provide each Specific Purpose DTV Channel with the specific authoring, copyrights, digital management and asset redistribution. Our company and our other media partners have thousands and thousands of feet of footage, thousands of media files, TV shows, and interviews.

For instance: if we have footage of a landscape from another video, we can use the visual recognition system to recognize a tree and we could cross upload the frame to our graphics container within a tree farm DTV Channel

Target Market

Please describe your target customer(s) or the audience who will buy/consume your product or service. 

End-Users will consume specific knowledge by gaining instant access to Specific Purpose content with the options of upgrading their FREE access, to 30 TRIAL DAY TRIAL of Value Added packages with a Low Annual Subscription Fee for customized services To Be Determined.

Business-Users will buy our products and services for their ease of use and Specific Purpose which will allow them to make strides in their digital transformation.

Affiliate-Users will buy our products and services in their everyday business transactions to conduct their SPN DTV Channel obligations and their own digital projects or non SPN DTV Channels.

Market need: What is the customer problem you are looking to solve? How does this solution solve for that problem?  What is the gap and/or opportunity in your market? 

The speed at which digital transformation is occurring is staggering. The gap between peoples and businesses understanding about what technology is and the real digital opportunities is vast. The world needs an EZ to understand way of getting access to the latest technology solutions, a standardized way of leveraging digital to create a new economy with new jobs and incomes and a reliable source for real knowledge, data and information based on the User’s Specific Purpose.

The gap in technology understanding, digital transformation and how to adapt AI and API’s is huge. Even I.T. Professionals are having a hard time keeping up with the pace of change. Having one place to go for digital education, eCommerce and entertainment is critical for global progress and we will be filling the gap. 

How does this solution address that?

As an IBM Partner we are addressing the Gap with IoT, IFTT, AI, Watson, Blockchain, Analytics, Cloud SaaS building a new digital economic solution for job creation, digital direction plus real-time results monitoring & 
modifications. Our build started December 15, 2015, at submission our Build 532 day in our countdown to launch January 1, 2020. We will solve these problems our proven methods and a track record of implementing new media content. Our goal is to create 400 million multi-lingual, specific purpose, 50 Market Sector, 20,000 vertical markets multiplied by our 400 Specific Purpose Programs™ digital television channels.

Embedded Watson API’s can create the most specific purpose network built on specific knowledge, our proprietary infrastructure consisting of education, ecommerce plus entertainment. Our media rich, programmatic format backed by our 30 year broadcast experience in television, radio, Internet, print and digital.
The value our solution provides specific purpose knowledge to our end-users quickly get, a specific purpose digital asset software platform for businesses to reach their target markets to increase sales, decrease overheads and improve communications and provide our affiliate network with a specific purpose digital direction through education, ecommerce and entertainment with our new media digital transformation IoT device called the upload device designed to upload original content in the forms of digital assets video, audio, text, graphics, animation, text and technology plus real-time analytics.

Build the largest SpecificPurposeNetwork.TV DIGITAL TV™ to provide end-users with Specific knowledge, to provide businesses with a specific purpose platform and the will provide our network of affiliates education, ecommerce and entertainment with new media.

What is the customer problem you are looking to solve? 

We are solving the Users problem in finding Digital Direction. Digital transformation is in a chaotic, erratic and evolving state and our solution gives Specific Purpose to a new media digital world.

How does this solution solve for that problem? 

Our solution solves the End-Users problem and gives them instant gratification by delivering Specific Purpose knowledge, data and information.

Our solution solves the Business-Users problems by saving time researching, plotting their digital transformation, and giving them a programmatic Advertising, Marketing and Sales SaaS.

Our solution solves the Affiliate-Users problems by giving them the opportunity to work with advanced technology and be able to create an income, security and a path to perpetual digital growth.

Competition: What products and services do your customers choose today instead of yours? Who or what is your biggest competitor? How are you different or what is your competitive advantage?

What products and services do your customers choose today instead of yours? 

Man vs. Time

My biggest competition now is coding faster, to meet our launch of January 1, 2020. With 6 languages and 48 million SPN DTV Channels.

We look at every technology as competition and partners. The competition is how to get everything done by January 1, 2020. Today, they choose Google to narrow down a search, resulting in thousands of results instead of just the data or information or experience they are looking for when searching for specifics. Today, Facebook has replaced traditional ‘word of mouth’ advertising with reviews, recommendations and trending lists. 

SIGS – Special Interest Groups or Usenet with specific Newsgroups for industry specific media, again, without specifics, specific to a category, however not specific to a purpose.

Who or what is your biggest competitor? 

At the time of submission, we are 532 days away from launch, so getting as many beta testers, beta affiliates, beta businesses and beta users should reveal who our biggest competitors are before pre-launch and in the decades to come.

How are you different or what is your competitive advantage?

Our existing IP, Digital Assets and Track Record
©2017 Specific Purpose Network SPN™
©2017 cyberDOLLAR BLOCK Chain™
©2016 Specific Purpose Programming Language SPPL™
©2011 FUTURNOMICS – New Media, New Businesses™
©1994 EZ Computer Learning™

Specific Purpose SaaS digital solution helps end-users to get 100% relevancy, businesses get their specific knowledge to specific minds, affiliates, no matter their current technology experience get to profit from contributing original content to an SPN Core DTV Channel License, plus support for their own digital channels and businesses. Our competitive advantage is our existing IP and the fact we are a lean and efficient machine with the never-ending mission of getting the computer to do all the work, hence our leading-edge involvement 
with AI, Blockchain and Watson.

The difference this time is we are doing this for IRONSIDE newMedia Inc., our family and the families which we are about to effect by giving them an easy to understand digital direction backed with Specific Purpose in a chaotic digital world. Giving Digital Direction in a chaotic Digital World.






Team: Why are you and your business partners the right people to make this solution successful in the market?

Our Cast of Characters 

The Digital Commander a.k.a. Ironman v43

I, Mark Ironside, CEO & CTO am the right person to lead our solution into success in the market because I have over 30 years of IT experience, 20 years of Advertising and Marketing and 7 years of direct selling experience. I sold over a million dollars of PS2 Model 30s in my first year, 1987 and went on to produce and host 110, 1 hour LIVE call-in, interview, teaching computer tv shows called “Hamilton’s Computer Lifestyles – Computers and You” from 1989-1993. Full-time I was the Technology Director for private schools where I created the first Technology Development Programs, customized technology curriculums for approval by the Canadian Government for Student Funding, Job Transitions and grant funded back to work computer programs. I went on to work for a leading advertising agency for over 20 years as Project Manager for many product launches and rollouts including the first IBM ThinkPad’s in Canada. In 2003 I launched – INTERNET TELEVISON as a platform for artists. In 2011, my daughter Jayde and I wrote FUTURNOMICS -newMedia Businesses – EDUCATION, ECOMMERCE & ENTERTAINMENT. I gave up working for the man and other people and since December 15, 2015 we have focused on building our own software, and quite honestly the UX I would like to have. An interface which is global, regional or local depending on my scope, smart, anticipatory, intuitive, dynamic, interactive with speech recognition, visual recognition and an educated assistant that knows what specific purpose I have for it next. 

We should be selected for this Build 2018 and am the right person to lead this Digital Direction because it will allow all of us to capitalize on my years of experience and my talents as an author, salesman, programmer, producer, director, graphic artist, broadcaster and digitally endowed human being to make our solution work.

The Queen a.k.a. The Boss

CFO - Ruthann Ironside, my common law wife of 38 years as of July 16, 2018 and my daughter Jayde’s Mama. Ruthann and I have worked together for many years helping clients and affiliates. Ruthann co-hosted our computer show conducted interviews, tracked our caller’s problems and made sure we presented the 
solutions to our viewers the following week. As a critical editor with a common-sense acumen, Ruthann brings over 30 years of research and media clipping insights with emphasis on education, technology, politics and trends. 

Ruthann is the rudder in our business partnership and acts as the fulcrum counter weight in the balance of our business and personal relationship.




The Princess a.k.a The Brain

Our 31-year-old daughter Jayde, was featured as The Computer Whizz Kid on our computer show when she was 6 in a series we did called Kidz Corner where we showcased the latest Reader Rabbit and educational software of the time. Jayde did her first voice-over when she was 4 with a 30 second commercial we produced 
and aired on CTV in 1994. “Frustrated, Confused about Technology? Let Computer Lifestyles help you with your hardware, software and computer needs #.” Jayde co-wrote our book FUTURNOMICS and always gives a frank view of the world around us. With her astounding ability to recall times, dates, people, events, gives us real-time fact checking and an incredible way of reconstructing my sentences, paragraphs and thoughts.

Gavin the Great

Gavin our 15-year-old grandson, who just got 90% in Science for his minor-niner year of High School. Gavin and I are spending the summer printing and selling 3D fidget spinners, emblems, starships and other cool stuff at the Public Library. Gavin is currently working with me in creating the IoT unit with the Raspberry Pi, cameras, microphones and other gadgets. will be the ultimate building site for his new media digital business.

The Art Fart 

Creative Director, Ronnie Pereira has won four CLEOS and just won a film contest with his film about immigrating to Canada. Ronnie, Jayde and I won a Canadian Microsoft Hackathon with over 200 other developers called “Pure Imagination” in 2012. Ronnie is always available for counsel, ideas and a brilliant sense of composition. 

Dargus the Court Jester

VP of Entertainment What’s Dargus Up to Now? – Dargus is also an IBM Business Partner and the owner of Goobop Media. With a BA in Theatre, Dargus brings the Artist side of the universe to our project. The opposite poles of between a Programmer and Artist, Dargus always has a different view than any normal, logical Vulcan would ever have. We have negotiated a Master License with Goobop Media to take over our Original Art Showcase for Artists TV Show, so we can focus on SPN. Whether in our physical 
world or digital world, Dargus also acts as our Quality Control Manager because if it can be broken ‘Digitally Dark Dargus‘ will find a way. 

The Cinematographer

Director/Producer - IBM Business Partner, Hugh Avendano, owner of Nova Vision TV is a Canadian renowned television and film Producer, Director and Editor highly sought after and recommended by both Rogers and Bell Media companies for the quality of his productions. Hugh believes bringing a cinematic approach to Film, TV and Digital TV is the only approach. Hugh received The Order of Canada for his work as an Immigration Lawyer dealing with his work helping people immigrating to Canada. Hugh is easy to work and knows how to get the edit right for the best cinema experience possible. We will be working together to produce the first infomercials we plan to air on US and International Television after the January 1, 2020 launch. Hugh is also available to us for legal counsel and is willing to assist us as we make our way through our cyberDOLLAR™ Blockchain regulations.

The Air Doctor

IBM Business Partner, Peter [The Air Doctor] Chernets, a retired Lab Technician, in Hamilton, ON Canada’s Steel City. As an Air Monitoring and Purification Expert Peter brings The Team an enthusiastic Digital Student approach to his digital transformation. Peter is always seeking the best Udemy courses building on his research and development in the air quality industry. Peter is our acting Beta Tester, digital Guinea pig and the initial benefactor of our results-oriented marketing approach. Peter’s interest as an IBM Business Partnership resides around building his black box Air Monitoring system based on the IBM IoT Platform - 

The Devil’s Advocate

Enzo Galano C.A., a former Canada Revenue Agency Auditor, Enzo brings a ‘what happens when this goes wrong’ approach to our accounting. Since we have financed our own development our current needs for Enzo have been limited to normal income tax issues, however is available for consult on our accounting issues and has a network of his associates which can deal with our financial needs.

The Tech Team

We consider you, IBM and our associate IBM Business Partners as part of our team.

Budget and sales goals: How much do you think you will sell in your first year? How much is it going to cost you to make your product or deliver your service? What other key expenses will you have when your business is up and running?

How much do you think you will sell in your first year? 

If we are accepted, our goal would be to field test our Beta prototype to founding Affiliates, with the appropriate Terms and Conditions. We have indications from our local and fellow developers for such a solution they would be willing to take part in our program. Between, November 7, 2018 – December 31, 2019, we plan on selling 100 Introduction BETA Program Founder Editions of the Specific Purpose DTV™ IoT units at a retail of $1,000 pre-launch January 1, 2020.

Our ground up approach to our Marketing, we would be prepared to go into our Beta Affiliate launch November 7, 2018 with the goal of recruiting 1,000 Affiliates at an introductory price of $1,000 which will include a value packed education, ecommerce and entertainment Specific Purpose DTV Channels. In our Beta rollout we intend to host a weekly 2-hour Webinar Series called Specific Purpose Digital Directions™, 7pm-9pm online scheduling Meeting Mondays, Training Tuesdays and Selling Wednesdays where we use our technology and new media to show real-time sales, in real-time for real people and businesses.

Since Watson and IBM are a big part of our cost of sale and recurring, real-time consumption doing business so Licensing, bandwidth, server space, processing it critical to establish our actuals. Any assistance in how to price and monetize, now and after our January 1, 2020 launch will be appreciated.

Retail Revenue: $100,000

COS: $40,000

Gross Profit: $60,000

In 2020, we plan on selling our first 1,000 Affiliate or Business IoT Units with Licenses. Our lifetime mission is to sell all 400M Licenses to Affiliates, millions of Business Licenses and millions of end-users.

Affiliate-User Licenses - $1,000 x 1,000 = $1,000,000 with Base IoT Units

Business-User Licenses - $1,00 x 1,000 = $1,000,000

End-User Licenses $12 x 100,000 = $1,200,000

How much is it going to cost you to make your product or deliver your service? 

Our goal is to have a 40% COS to deliver the Specific Purpose Digital Television Network.

15% of our cost will be advertising media, sales support and digital infrastructure maintenance, modifications and development. 

20% for hardware, software, software and critical services 

5% for Admin and HR

Sales and marketing: How will you market your solution to your customers? What is your unique selling proposition/the 'hook' that makes your product/service stand out?

How will you market your solution to your customers? 

Specific Purpose Television, Radio, Internet, Print and Digital Advertising, PR and Marketing Campaigns. We plan on using our own digital marketing Specific Purpose Programs using our years of media experience in developing entertaining ways of delivering technical content. 

We will start our campaign on September 4, 2019 by launching a Press Release on the News Wire to announcing our COMING SOON – Specific Purpose – January 1, 2020 Campaign. We will simultaneously air 
a 30 second TV commercial broadcast on traditional television in the US, UK and Canada. These commercials will be used to bump viewers to our 28.5 Min Infomercial reviewing all of the Features, Advantages and Benefits of our new media solution and a new way of thinking and dealing with integrating into this new digital world. 
The infomercial will offer a PRE-LAUNCH LIMITED TIME FREE TRIAL OFFER, CALL NOW and various other calls-to-action to get the TV viewer to sign-up for our FREE Discovery Package TBD. We will use the months from Sept. to Dec. 2019 to fine tune, clear bugs and approach our system for ALPHA launch.


What is your unique selling proposition/the "hook" that makes your product or service stand out?

Our products and services stand out because of the Specific Purpose it delivers between our IoT Unit and the ease of use from our SaaS.

Frustrated, confused with technology
and a thing they call digital transformation?



January 1, 2020

Risk assessment: What are the biggest hurdles to overcome in order for your solution to be successful in market and achieve the business goals defined within this plan? Do you have access to available funding and the required resources to build and take your solution to market? Do you need to work with other companies or organizations for any critical logistics? Please explain.

What are the biggest hurdles to overcome in order for your solution to be successful in market and achieve the business goals defined within this plan? 

The biggest hurdles we have to overcome in order for our solution to be successful in the market and achieve the business goals defined within this plan are as follows.

Since we are still in pre-launch until January 1, 2020 our current hurdles revolve around development. In order for our Specific Purpose Digital TV Network to be successful depends on 100% relevancy, accuracy, quality of our data, ease of use and best in class without buffering, incompatibilities or crashes.
This IBM Build 2018 Business Plan exercise has already brought us the focus we needed to further Think and define our own Specific Purpose. 

Figuring out our pricing and costing models based on our current beta model and scale-up plans is still in the queue. At this point trying to figure out what services we need, traffic, bandwidth, server space, which embedded services need paid licenses, which ones are open source, how to develop our repositories, track our Digital Directions, Digital Assets and how to keep the network running. Watching the way Watson News Explorer reacts makes us wonder how our 400 million live DTV Channels will act real-time, understanding Watson goes through 50 billion sites we are hoping our 400M DTV Channels won’t be our biggest hurdle.

After August 6 we could start to engage, testing and launching individual pieces of the kernel in our solution on the IBM Cloud. We need the development tools to build our initial IoT Unit, to enable video streaming to the video cloud, plus all the Watson AI services to build, manage, monitor, metatag, classify each Specific Purpose DTV Channel.

Another hurdle and one which we have to overcome. It would be greatly appreciated to get technical Assistance with the nuances of integrating the Watson APIs into our code and initial template which will then execute the duplication of each Digital TV Channel Asset Block for our AI based cyberDOLLAR Blockchain fabric.
Once we have finalized our first DTV templates they will act as our first models to launch our initial 8 million English DTV Channels to bring them to life. 20,000 Vertical Markets x 400 Specific Purpose Programs scaling up to all 8 million.

Our biggest and most important obstacle is dealing with the challenges in regards to Legal, Legislative and Regulatory issues with our AI based cyberDOLLAR™ Blockchain. 

Do you have access to available funding and the required resources to build and take your solution to market? 

Since we are the developers, and key sales and marketing force we can sell enough to fund our pre-launch funding for the development and with pre-launch sales from November 7. 2018 to December 31, 2019 estimated at $1,000,000 with a 40% cost of sales we will have enough to launch our initial roll-out TV, radio, 
Internet, print and digital campaigns.

Do you need to work with other companies or organizations for any critical logistics?  Please explain. 

Yes, we need to deal with our technology partners to accrue the critical logistics in the form of API’s we need to embed in order to create the best Specific Purpose Digital TV Network, Stations and Channels in the world.
We are building our solution with our own IP, our own coding, our own digital assets, based on our own formulas, algorithms to build our core and kernel.

Now, we are in the unique position of owning, designing and writing our own code and SaaS. With this in mind we are truly in control of directing our own digital direction including our sales processes. We are not relying on and do not for see any other companies or organizations withholding or in other ways interfering with any of our critical logistics or systems. 

Since we are IBM Partners we respectfully and conscientiously take our affiliation very serious and sincerely want to create a Watson AI solution that both Thomas Watson Sr. and Jr., and Ginny of course will be proud of.

Milestones: What have you achieved so far and what are your major goals for the next 6-months? 12-months?

When do you expect to be in market or ready for general availability?

We have developed the core, kernel and root of the formulas and algorithms which we have based our new media digital strategy. Once we complete our first Language English by November 6, 2018 – 8,000,000 Specific Purpose DTV Channels

Then complete our next 5 Languages by January 1, 2020 - Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Italian 40,000,000 DTV Channels

When do you expect to be in-market or ready for general availability?

January 1, 2020

Personal Note: Yes, this is a very ambitious project however with over 30 years of IT experience I know with your 
assistance we will reach the Finish Line [Beginning Line] January 1, 2020 and present to the world at least a bit of Digital Direction for centuries to come.

Regardless of this outcome, I want you to know our team is dedicated to creating a SaaS, we can be proud of. 

Mark Ironside


Links: – corporate site - beta stuff – our artist and entertainment site -beta – Peter Chernets, Air Monitoring and Purification – beta tester – Hugh Avendano, our VP of Production – Dargus, our VP of Entertainment