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Definition of New Media


The emerging technology requires and facilitates new forms of expression. What distinguishes the new media is the fact that the content, whether delivered on a CD-ROM, DVD, floppy disk or over a highspeed broadband network, must be processed by a computer before it can be put to use. New Media services or products make use of alphanumeric text, pictures, sound, music, graphics, data, animation and full motion video. These encourage or require the user to interact with the material in a manner not permitted by the 'old media' and involves, along with other more traditional means of distribution, digital delivery over networks interconnected on a local or global scale. 

Source: 1997 Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission &  Government of Canada  








Just Don't - It's easy once you understand. The Information technology industry is changing over the next years, you be consuming and contributing to the amount of information and if you have what it it takes to be in the industry maybe you can help at the same time.

 The amount of information may overwhelm you, however F1 for HELP.


So, I make this disclaimer that you may get overwhelmed, confused and sometimes skeptical. From the great words of Napoleon Hill; ―Thoughts are Things‖ - He made that the first chapter in his book ―Think and Grow Rich‖.

 I have found if too many ideas are introduced to a person at one time, the brain can get overwhelmed. It is my goal with this book to introduce you to many new thoughts, so I caution you not to worry if you get overwhelmed. Just stop, put the book down, think about it, and then when you‘re ready, pick it up again. 


I am writing this book as a guide to a new media way of looking at the world, the Information Technology industry, media, life and business.   Good Luck 

                                                 -     END OF OVERWHELMING DISCLAIMER -


Mark Ironside


Table of Contents



1.     News Flash: I.T. is All about You - You are the STAR

2.     100,000+ New Media Businesses

3.     New Media Business Development Course Outline

4.     Technology Workshop Module Outline

5.     Overview for Owners, Consultants, Instructors and Freelancers

6.     Overview for Channels, Affiliates, Stations and Networks


1.     eCommerce Overview

2.     The New Marketplace

3.     New Media Overview

4.     New Media Business Applications

5.     Marketing, Sales, Advertising, Television, Radio, Internet, Print and Digital - T.R.I.P.D.  and Public Relations

6.     Microsoft, New Media and eCommerce

7.     Apple, New Media and eCommerce

8.     Digital Rights Management, New Media Distribution & Syndication

9.     New Media Business Networks


1.     New Media Entertainment Applications

2.     Digital Lifestyle

3.     Music and Audio

4.     Comedy / Theatre / Arts / Performance / Movies

5.     Books, e-Books and Publishing

6.     Games, XBOX and IPTV

 What’s Next?..... 


 About the Authors






FUTURNOMICS - New Media, New Businesses is about creating ways to develop new skills, new ways of increasing the economy, new ways of thinking, new perceptions about knowledge and technology and the opportunities the new media world has to offer. 

News Flash: I.T. is All about You – You are the STAR - our abilities to create, develop, invent, and reinvent to develop new products and services for the future. 

 New Media Internet TV Businesses - a simple formula I discovered when building educational curriculum‘s in the early 1990‘s. This section is a guide to new forms of business and a way of applying your knowledge to today‘s technology. 


Perhaps, you already have an idea, knowledge, skills, talent, product or service you would like to develop.


Our system and technology is a framework for your new media project.


EDUCATION – the ―how to develop your new media strategy


ECOMMERCE – the ways your business can create revenue by using new media and the Internet 


ENTERTAINMENT – the technology used for creating original entertaining content 


This project is all about you and how you can use your knowledge, talent, skills, abilities and technology to build your new digital lifestyle, home and business.

Making Information Technology easy for people to understand, and more importantly, how to optimize technology for specific purposes to create revenue.

This system, is based on a simple premise - you already possess the knowledge, skill, talent, product or service and we already possess the technology, systems and advertising to assist in making your project a success. This book is designed to guide you through the courses, workshops and practical applications of technology. Once you have gone through your strategy development, we will assist in building your project and finally promoting your project with new media.

What happens if you don‘t know what to do? We will assist you in discovering your specific purpose through a series of thought provoking exercises and presentations. There are literally hundreds of thousands of new projects to be accomplished with new media so don‘t worry if you don‘t know what to do yet. 

If we can find some common ground, an idea, thought, product or service and come to an agreement, arrangement and/or strategy to optimize your potential and focus the correct resources to create revenue for profit, we could and should have a winning combination.  I am not suggesting that by taking your time to read this book that we go into business together, in fact I am suggesting the opposite: You go into business for yourself, but not by yourself.  

Is this a different way to look at the future?

Yes; except it is you that has to sell yourself on what your potential, knowledge, talents, skills and abilities have to offer the global marketplace. With over 2 billion people on the Internet and in your local sales region, there are many ways for you to earn a profit. It is our job to educate, strategize and facilitate your potential to create something that didn‘t exist before. 


What‟s the catch? – It is going to take time, money and more importantly your desire; plus the energy to learn, build and then sell what we develop together.

The Good News! – We have done all aspects of this many times before. 

The Bad News!  – This original approach to Information Technology, media and video has never been done before.

All we have is the technology knowledge, the courses and ways of selling what you know, what you build or what you service is up to you. It is up to you to find out what that could be, so you can create a revenue generating and prosperous business.

You may already know what you want to sell; in this case this book will enhance what you already have. In some cases you may not want to do one of the businesses I will suggest, you may want to find another product or service you like, then apply our technology, courses and media. No matter what your situation, I am positive you will find a use for the knowledge I am about to communicate to you. 

In the early days of filmmaking and television, the technology was there but without stories, scripts, shows and actors the technology was useless. The technology of today is still frustrating and confusing for most people; the potential of technology is still under realized, underutilized and under optimized. 

 We can do a lot more, for a lot more people with less money. 

 The focus in this book is not on technology, the focus is on what you know, do, want to do, have or represent.

Why do most businesses fail within the first three years, after spending thousands of dollars, thousands of hours plus much blood, sweat and tears?  Many failures occur because of one simple problem - SALES.  Not enough sales = not enough revenue = business failure.

I have consulted many businesses and watched them prosper from the education and strategies I have developed. Typically, once the technological systems are put in place, they basically run themselves with minor maintenance. 



Content you create, write, compose, video tape, research, service, make or invent insures you get most of the profit.

Although every product has a cost-of-sale (C.O.S.) attached, if you own the rights or the actual products or services, the gross profit is higher. If you create it, produce it and distribute it, the bulk of the money will go directly into your bank account.  

The main concept of this book, course and venture is to assist you to develop revenue generating websites and properties. No matter what product or service you decide to sell, our goal is to assist you to create profit using our new media technology. Even if you do not want to start your own business, developing your skills will give you a significant advantage. 

If you have a special talent or skill that others can benefit from, then going through our system will assist you in supporting others in the network. 

For instance; let‘s say that you are a website design specialist, a skill we are always interested in, you may think to yourself – ‗self, I am already a new media specialist.‘ Well, you may be right. However, there is no way that you could be a specialist in every business on the planet. You may be good at website design but you may not have the specialized database programming skills you need in order to build server based applications. 

Or; say you‘re a florist. You have the skill to create beautiful things but don‘t quite know how to use all of the available Medias to advertise and showcase your products.

What I am trying to show is that no matter who you are or what you want to do, there is a valuable reason for you to go through our program. Most importantly, being involved with others will give you the opportunities to use your skills and develop your agendas. 

If you are a business owner or former business owner and feel you don‘t need some of the modules we offer; your experience could be a great asset to others. 

No matter what your personal situation is, one of the biggest opportunities you will have is the opportunity to be involved in one of the most dynamic evolutions the technology industry has ever seen. 

You may decide to become a consultant, strategic partner or even an investor or shareholder in the projects we are developing.



F1 on your computer keyboard is the ―HELP‖ key and always the easiest way to find HELP.  In all regards, I hope you find this book helpful.   

I.T. is all about you!







Newsflash:   YOU ARE THE STAR 

I.T.  (Information Technology/Internet Television) is ALL About YOU!


You have been a star since you were born. There is only one you. You have been consuming knowledge all your life and are the sum total of your knowledge to this point. It‘s not your knowledge that really matters; it‘s how you use your knowledge. We have all the technology we need to launch your STAR mission/s; it‘s up to all of us to figure out the best ways to optimize your potential.


Your knowledge is yours, all yours, you own it, no one can take it away from you and no one can use it like you. You can acquire more knowledge from your past, present and future – plus, if you can sell it on DVD, upload, or download it; make it a show, a song or whatever your strategy demands, somebody might be willing to buy it. After all, there are over two billion people out there on the Internet!


I want you to think for a few minutes about the answers to these questions.

What would you do, if you woke up every day and found more money in your bank account?

What if all you had to do was focus on making what you do bigger, better and faster? 

What if you could do this from anywhere in the world, didn‘t have to spend a lot of time at it and had more time free for yourself or your family? 


And here comes the best one:

What if you owned it, it was successful, profitable, and it gave you the financial security to really enjoy your life?

I am going to suggest to you, as a network of people, we can assist you in accomplishing your goals. I am also going to suggest that your educational background, areas of expertise and current knowledge are all you need to succeed with our system; also, you may be surprised that you might accomplish something you‘ve not thought about… yet. 


You are the STAR of your own life, your own movie so to say. You have your own script, made up of your own knowledge, skills and talents. What if we were able to capture that value and transfer it to video, audio, text, graphics, animation and add technology? Now, if we took that value, added a price tag, advertised it on television, radio, Internet and print - would anybody buy it?


What if we go another step further? Is there something you know, some piece of knowledge, a product, service or an idea that you can confidently say ―I know, I can or I have _________.‖  Next, let‘s take that thought and think about other people. Is this something other people would like to know or buy?


If your answer is YES, then congratulations you are a newMediaSTAR in the making. If the answer is you don‘t know yet, that‘s OK because we will go on a newMediaSTAR search to discover your unique potential. While you go through the next few chapters I would like you to keep a notebook beside you to write down any ideas you get as you go. As my friend, Norman Evans has always said ―Write it Down‖. In his book, ―Plan the Work, Work the Plan‖ he explains how spending $5 on a blank notebook and writing everything down can potentially save your life, time, memory and money. Once you have written down your thoughts it makes it much easier to communicate what you are thinking.


Let‘s say that you have accepted the fact you are a STAR and you already possess what you need to succeed, what‘s next? A DECISION – to do what you need to do in order to accomplish your dream. 



You may be thinking you may not have the time, money or knowledge to succeed with this type of program. Hereafter, I would like you to put all the reasons why you can‘t succeed aside and focus on how you CAN.

―Where there‘s a will there‘s a way‖ and in this new world there are many routes to get to your desired destination. As we build this system we are also developing new and innovative ways of assisting as many people as possible to benefit from our technology and develop this new media economy. 


Now, some basic terminology;

I.T. stands for Information Technology. Information Technology is and continues to be the fastest growing economic market segment.


Definition of Information Unabridged (v 1.1) - Cite This Source - Share This  in·for·ma·tion     Pronunciation [in-fer-mey-shuhn] –noun  


1. knowledge communicated or received concerning a particular fact or circumstance; news:


If information is the communication of knowledge, we live in the best time in history.

Knowledge can now be communicated instantaneously.


Definition of Technology Unabridged (v 1.1) - Cite This Source - Share This  tech·nol·o·gy    Pronunciation [tek-nol-uh-jee]–noun  


1. the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society, and the environment, drawing upon such subjects as industrial arts, engineering, applied science, and pure science. 


Let‘s look at this in the three areas suggested in this definition:

1.      Technology is knowledge that is created and used in a technical manner

2.      Knowledge relates to life, society and the environment

3.      Knowledge draws upon specific subjects

By putting the definition Information Technology together we get: 

Communicating knowledge created in a technical manner relating to life, society and the environment about specific subjects.

Now, take something specific you know, use technology to create something of value, then communicate and sell it in the global marketplace.


If we create more I.T., to communicate more knowledge, to more people a new media economy will develop, resulting in a faster growing economy over the coming decades. With so many experienced people in the world about to retire there is a vast knowledge base that needs to be transferred to our young people. Just this action alone could constitute a surge of new media products and services.


It is already a conclusion technology has changed many things. Technology is constantly developing for a reason; to make our lives easier, less complicated and better to manage.

Has it though?


After being in the industry this long, I find people are more frustrated and confused about I.T. today. What I have found about technology is people want to get tasks accomplished and they don‘t necessarily care about how they‘re done, just that they get done. 


Here is my thinking; there is something you know, are skilled at, have the ability to do, a product or a service to assist someone else or another business, they just don‘t know it yet. They don‘t know you, they don‘t know what you are capable of doing, and if they knew, they might be interested in buying your specific product or service. 


With billions of dollars in inventories sitting on store shelves, do you think if a person or business knew what was available, they needed it and could afford it, the chances of a sale increase? 


Now, here is a thought for you: How much knowledge is in the world‘s inventory? 

How much is knowledge worth to someone or some business that needs it? 

Could a piece of information be worth $1, $20, $100 or $1,000,000? 

It all depends on the specific information, doesn‘t it? 

How many times have you heard the phrases, ―If I only knew then, what I know now‖ and ―knowledge is power‖?

In my opinion ―knowledge is only potential power‖ - if not utilized, it only exists as potential. 


Here is another thought about past STARS; how much knowledge is stored in the human databank of wisdom? If we could only transform the tremendous amount of wisdom our elders have and turn it into value for our children, what is that worth?

For example, if we were to record their stories, lessons, methods and experiences; would that be worth something to someone, someday? 


Many people have websites; however, how many have profitable websites? 

Our business is to develop and build profitable new media websites and businesses. The focus of this system is to strategize a profitable new media website that earns revenue 24/7/365. To my knowledge there has never been a system, course or business like this. 


If you only knew now, what I know about technology, education and the media, how much different could it be for you today and what could it be worth to you tomorrow?


That may sound a bit self-confident and I want to assure you - it is.


One of the greatest things I have learned about technology is there‘s usually someone, something or some site that can answer any problems I or my clients have. I use a various array of tools to find the answers I need starting with F1, the help key, one of the most underutilized keys on the keyboard. I will present a number of sites to assist you in finding solutions to your problems. 


Sometimes it is more important to have the right strategic partners with the right knowledge, at the right time. At other times it may be as easy as having another piece of software or hardware to complete a vision. I will share as many of these tools and resources as possible.


The information age has already proven to be an age for the individual.  For the year 2006 TIME MAGAZINE chose YOU as person of the year. A programmer becomes one of the richest men in the world, our lives revolve around plastic cards and people communicate worldwide with video, audio, text and graphics in ways never thought possible fifty years ago. 


Over the next fifty years, we are going to experience some of the most exciting times in history. The boomers have boomed and now have time and resources to do some amazing things. Younger generations have grown up with technology and naturally use I.T. to solve problems and find new ways of accomplishing tasks. 


Information Technology can potentially be used to form the infrastructure needed to clean up the world, help the hope of feeding the hungry and stimulate economic development.  Graduating students are coming out of the system, full of enthusiasm, only to find No Experience = No Job and No Job = No Experience. Years and thousands of dollars are spent studying, only to find that the traditional marketplace does not exist anymore.  


Today, some people find that after dedicating years of their life to a company, they can also get laid off or caught in the downsizing syndrome.  PhD‘s are driving cabs, graduate teachers have no classrooms to teach, and middle and upper management are being eliminated in order to reduce overhead.


Our system has been developed to assist everyone, whether you are employed or unemployed, in a career transition, just out of school, getting back into the workforce, searching for a new direction, or just looking to make more money part-time or full-time.  These few pages describe where the new opportunities exist and the system that we have created to develop income in the Information Age.  Even if you are not suited for one of the businesses we are describing, you can apply our system to any business.



At no other time in history have there been so many opportunities for people to achieve greatness and – as your loved ones will confirm - YOU ARE GREAT. 

We are all merely players on the stage of life and we must each do our part if we are to change the situations of the present day.


I want to share some of my motivation for creating this system. In creating the ways I could improve my family life, personal life, business life and community life, I started by thinking about the type of business I would like to be in. Your life is different of course and I encourage you to develop your own list.

        a business I can include my family in

        find something I can do from a home office

        a business I can be proud of

        a business I can schedule my own hours

        a business  I can do on a local and global scale

        a business that incorporates education, entertainment and ecommerce

        a structure that adds Internet television to existing websites

        a technically easy to use system

        a business that can earn consistent income for consistent effort

        a business that is easy to sell and deliver

        to create an Internet television network that benefits all communities

        a business that would give value to my clients and colleagues 

        a business that is unique

        a business that can be duplicated easily

        a business that can mature 

        a business that is easy to manage

        a direct marketing business

        a business that has copyrighted and digital rights management to allow tracking and reporting

        a business that can be done with standard hardware and software

        a business that has an upgrade path or new version upgrades available

        a business that I can do from anywhere, at anytime

        a business that I can incorporate my advertising, public relations, sales and marketing skills

        a business that can be used on every website

        a business where I can watch baseball or listen to music while hard at work

        a business that could make enough money

        a business that utilizes my talents and abilities

        a business that can be easily programmed

        products that are easily acceptable, saleable and affordable

Everything I am about to present to you has been tested and if it can work for me, it can work for you, too.


I will start with an overview of the 100,000+ New Media businesses, lead into the education necessary to develop one of these businesses, show you the ecommerce opportunities and then illustrate the entertainment side of these businesses.  This is the introductory guide and thought stimulator for you in order to develop a new media business or act as a development guide for an existing business or career. Technology and the Internet have already created new ways to make money. If we can assist you in developing a business, one that is profitable, manageable and enjoyable, we will be well on our way to creating a new media economy.


Our system utilizes technology, adds your specific knowledge and skills to create new ways of optimizing your skills for business and revenue for you. I want to show you how to define new ways of gaining business, create winning strategies, develop unique offers and assist you in making I.T. work for you. Again, it‘s your knowledge combined with our systems and technology that will make this work.


The big question is what type of STAR do you want to be? 




They say there are two ways of gaining knowledge:


1.  Learn on your own


2.  Learn from others who have experience (e.g. apprenticeship, case studies, research etc.) 


We will be discussing what I feel is the most important way of starting this process. Starting with what you want to do, accomplish or attain. By starting with what you want, we can then assist you with education, strategies, development and then work with you in order to accomplish your goals and objectives. We have the technology, new media, tools and resources; all we need is your effort to find specific purpose, backed with your desire to accomplish these goals, and combined with your experiences, talents and skills. We will do our best to assist you with the rest.


I would like to briefly talk about agendas; I think this may be one of the most important foundations in developing just about any project. In the processes we work on, the bottom line is always your motivation. Why you do what you do and most of all what you want to do is the most important aspect in this whole process.  Whether you are interested in freelancing, have a special talent you want to capitalize on or you want to develop your own business, all aspects of your life need to be considered. Chances are you may have entered a new time in your life where you want to do something different, something more challenging, perhaps - maybe something you have always wanted to do. No matter what it is you want to do, you want to make sure you‘ve covered all your bases, so you can do something with enthusiasm. By considering these agendas, writing down your ideas and then sharing portions of your agendas with others will new insight into your ideas, may shed light on the resources you need in order to accomplish your goals and allow us to deal with your overall picture. 





The Five Agendas


1.      Family Agenda

2.      Personal Agenda

3.      Business Agenda

4.      Community Agenda

5.      Sales Agenda (the Hidden Agenda)


About the word agenda a·gen·da   Pronunciation [uh-jen-duh]   

–noun, formally a plural of. agendum, but usually used as a singular with plural. -das or -da.  a list, plan, outline, or the like, of things to be done, matters to be acted or voted upon, etc.: The chairman says we have a lengthy agenda this afternoon.  



Along with the following agendas a basic list of needs is outlined here by Maslow‟s Theory.


Maslow hierarchy of needs:


Maslow's primary contribution to psychology is his Hierarchy of Needs. Maslow contended that humans have a number of needs that are ‗instinctoid‘, that is, innate. These needs are classified as "conative needs," "cognitive needs," and "aesthetic needs." 









As I have learned over the years. Family first, is a motto for most people. If you are a parent, you know that your children come first, spouse second, family members and then self, last. As the definition for agenda states – it‘s a list, plan or an outline. This is a psychological list every parent and family member has embedded in their brains.


Almost everyone who has children has a compelling emotion to take care of their children all of their lives. No matter what ups and downs we experience, the desire to maintain a good lifestyle and future leads most of us to work, play and live in a manner to help our children. 


Today‘s children know more about technology by default. Most children are raised with game machines, gadgets and computers, plus, they intuitively develop skills that are foreign to those of us who were not exposed to technology at an early age. The opportunities for our children will be much different years from now as they have been much different for us.


Not only do we need to concern ourselves with our children‘s well–being, in many cases we are faced with taking care of our parents also. With the largest population in history, the first Baby Boomers turn 65 in 2011. With dwindling pensions or no pension plans for companies, retirement savings, government supplements and the high cost of living the later years in life may not be filled with relaxation, fun and excitement. In many families the responsibility will rely on their children to insure a comfortable lifestyle. One of the great things about this project is once you learn the system; you will be able to duplicate the procedures for your family and friends. 


The family agenda also changes if there are health issues, job issues or other issues that drain savings or investment assets. Although it is impossible to see the future, it is possible to prepare for the future. In the educational process of these concepts and the support systems we are developing it is possible to start not just one program but multiple programs. For instance; one property can be developed for your children, one program for your parents, one for your spouse and one for yourself. In this manner you will be creating multiple sources of revenue so you are not putting all your eggs in one basket.


Valid ideas can come from many sources, one of which can be our children. ―Out of the mouths of babes‖, another well-known quote, the younger generations can lead to innovative product developments or new ways and means of delivering a service. In many instances children are not bogged down with the fears, programmed thinking or inhibitions adults acquire over the years. A fresh way of thinking, a new point of view, or a different perspective can develop or change products or services. 




After you have considered what is best for your family situation the next most important agenda is your own. What do you want to be when you grow up? How many times have you heard that phrase? I remember when I was in grade eight and they asked me at age 13 to choose the high school courses that would dictate the rest of my life. Is it fair to ask a child at that age to make some of the biggest decisions of their life? Well, who said life would be fair? Luckily, I was fairly good in school and had learned, if I had a question, ask it! After the first couple of years in high school I still had no clue about what I wanted to do so I went to the guidance counselor and asked if there was any material that would assist me in making the decision. They mentioned there was a special type of questionnaire and the school was going to have to pay extra for this psychoanalytical paper. Although they did not make me pay for it, I remember thinking how odd it was, considering guidance counseling should be just that - guidance. They gave me the questionnaire test; it had 250 alternate choice questions. Would you rather be a fireman or landscaper? 

A few weeks later I got the report back. Number 1 on the ―What I should be when I grow up list‖, was a Funeral Director. Great, maybe something in my personality suggests I could handle that type of vocation however, I don‘t think so. The next few were dealing with live people (whew) and had more to do with demonstrating products, public speaking or marketing. In these respects it was fairly accurate because I have been in sales, developed my own television shows and have sold many products and services. As we move forward with this project I am in the process of gathering these types of questionnaires and will make them available to everyone to make it easier to identify your specific purpose. 


How many times have you heard that you should be doing what you love to do? Unfortunately, life is not like that. Most people end up doing a job or working because they need money. Many people are not happy in their present occupation. As I wrote earlier, people go to school, study hard, get good grades and find out their chosen field is packed with competition and limited opportunity. Sending out resumes, job searching; developing personal presentation skills and countless interviews may still result in no job. Our whole program is developed around what you really want to do so you are in control of your own future. Whatever has led you to read about this system, I want you to know it is your knowledge, talent and skills that will make your project a success. The principles and processes I will describe can be used for every person and any business.





No matter what it is you personally want to accomplish, our mission is;


      To assist you in determining what you want to do 

      To develop a plan of action to meet your goals

      To build the necessary applications for you to reach your objectives.


In many ways your personal agenda is the most important. In most cases your personal agenda will dictate your list of activities, type of business you choose and the type of success you will accomplish.


Along with your personal agenda, we will be identifying other similar agendas to accomplish everybody's goal of having successful businesses. Today, with the amount of opportunity available and the many ways of accomplishing these goals, there is a way for everyone to accomplish their personal agendas. 


In developing your personal agenda, take into consideration your education, personal experiences, skills and more importantly what you really like and want to do. With this knowledge we can assist in matching your personality to a business or project customized to your needs. 


If you speak, read and write in another language you may have another significant opportunity - translating other business content; perhaps that could be a business for you. In this global economy, most businesses can be customized in different languages.


What‘s in it for me? The ultimate question of motivation, persistence, loyalty and commitment. How many people work diligently, observe punctuality and loyally give their best efforts to a job,   get paid an hourly wage or salary? The answer: many. Everyone working for any company, hopefully, is giving their best effort. Now, let‘s talk about the company rewarding those best efforts. Over 80% of businesses in our economy have less than 100 people and make up most of our business base. A job is always in jeopardy because a business‘s bottom line is affected by many factors, such as the economy, dollar rate, unforeseen events, market changes or a host of other elements. How many stories are there of huge companies that end up doing things they never anticipated or for that matter want to do? Sometimes at no fault of a company, even the most stable and secure businesses can change or, in the worst cases, cease to exist. 


Even if your personal agenda includes working a job and developing a business on the side, there is a sense of security which comes from being your own boss and having more control over your destiny.


Self-worth, confidence, achievement, respect of others and respect by others account for everybody‘s esteem. One of the main reasons why I created this business is to assist in the development of all of these factors. In my own personal agenda, assisting others in accomplishing their goals gives me a great deal of self-esteem. Over the years I have developed a great deal of pride in transferring technology knowledge and skills to others. Seeing the difference in someone who once had a serious fear of computers turn in to a confident computer user has given me a great deal of satisfaction, simply because I have transferred knowledge.

Again, thinking about what you really want to do could make a serious difference in your life.




The definition of “business” from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

In economics, a business is a legally-recognized organizational entity existing within an economically free country designed to sell goods and/or services to consumers, usually in an effort to generate profit.

Looking at the business agenda it is a list of things to be done for an entity, not a person but an entity. 


“Entity” From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An entity is something that has a distinct, separate existence, though it need not be a material existence. In particular, abstractions and legal fictions are usually regarded as entities. In general, there is also no presumption that an entity is animate. Entities are used in system developments as models that display communications and internal processing of, say, documents compared to order processing.


To me in essence this means as individuals we work for a thought, product or service. Business 101 dictates a business has a Business Plan, however over the years I have found many businesses are too busy doing business they neglect this basic fundamental. As part of the initial education I will share my business plan with you, if you decide to work with our system. Every agenda needs a plan, and by plan I really mean guideline. I have also found over the years Business Plans are a way of communicating with banks, suppliers, employees and clients about the entity. The all-important Mission Statement is usually most of the guidance a business uses in developing structure. 


Technology is not as forgiving in this respect, if the computer does not have the exact instructions it needs to carry out a function, if a comma is out of place, if something is spelled incorrectly, if the proper sequence of events does not occur the computer will simply not work. The computer only knows on or off, unlike a business agenda that need to be shaped, molded and modified as time goes on and circumstances change. 


Why then, do so many businesses fail? – There are so many reasons for this and it is not the mission of this project to focus on failure, but options. I believe knowledge or the lack of knowledge is a main attribute to failure. There is an old adage ―Fail to plan, plan to fail‖, although there are many success stories about people and companies succeeding without paying that much attention to plan. The managers of the Fortune 500 companies would not be where they are if they did not. What C.E.O. of a major corporation would conduct their annual shareholders meeting with ―We didn‘t have time to plan what we are going do next year, but we hope it is going to be good.‖? How long do you think they would have their job? Executives in many of these corporations spend most of their time planning. Doesn‘t it make sense then for you to spend more time to develop a business mission, plan, agenda, goals and specific objectives? 


Spending most of our time with the strategizing, thinking, researching and comparing makes the second part; building, much easier and more effective. Once this process has been completed; modifying, adjusting and adapting to accomplishing results is made much simpler. Once completed, your agenda and plans can be easily communicated to others like strategic partners, suppliers and clients. Your agendas should detail the resources you need to accomplish your dream.



      You had the same tools Microsoft uses in accomplishing their success? 

      There was a method, processes and systems that major corporations use to insure their success?

      You had the same knowledge and information to make a business successful?

      You had all the resources you needed in order to make your business successful?

      You had a community of people that are as interested in assisting you as they are in assisting themselves?




The good news is; we have discovered many answers to these questions. The bad news is; it will take time, diligence and effort to acquire this knowledge. The best news is; it is more of an investment of time and thought, rather than money.


In the following chapters I will be outlining the tasks necessary in order to accomplish almost any business mission and the methods of new media to drive clients to your business with the goal of purchasing your time, product or service. 


Whether you use these processes for a business you are currently involved in, your present career or one of the businesses I suggest with this project or your own unique vision, the principles are the same.

Many businesses spend many thousands of dollars establishing their locations, labour, product, service, overheads, administration and countless numbers of other expenses make up much of the capital necessary to start any business. The profit margins, even if they seem large, may get diminished by unexpected situations, problems or costs. It has become apparent to me over the years, advertising, marketing and sales initiatives become secondary for businesses. Businesses typically are more concerned with the day-to-day operations than the overall reasons why they exist, in most cases to make profit. Advertising is expense; however it can be an effective way of spending money. Smart and successful businesses incorporate advertising, marketing, public relations, media and sales initiatives as part of their methodology.


One of the great things about developing new media is once the systems are in place; technology does not take a holiday, get a bad attitude or change its mind due to ego or success.


Although I cannot guarantee success for any person, business, product or service, I can suggest the marketing, advertising, public relations and new media concepts I have found - and work. Many businesses wish they could sell more products or services, get more exposure and attract more people. I have met many business people who have great products, services and are very unique, however, without the proper use of technology and specific knowledge about how new media works, fail to do some obvious and fundamental actions of success.




As one of Zig Ziglar‘s quotes says "You've got to 'be' before you can 'do', and you've got to 'do' before you can 'have'." I would like to add to the quote "you‘ve got to ‗have‘ before you can

‗give‘ whether it is time or money, for each is equally valuable."


In developing this network, we are building our own community. For each person there are five agendas each with specific needs, tasks and talents. Each agenda requires time, planning, work, programming, graphics, expertise and experience. The assistance of our community will become imperative to the success of all your agendas. If you assist others with their agendas, others will more readily assist you with yours. The idea and main concept of developing your community agenda is to be able to share your strengths, weaknesses, needs and desires. 

There are many benefits to developing a Community Agenda and getting involved in the community, depending of course on what type of community you want to belong to.  If it is a business community or networking community whose purpose is for business purposes you will benefit from getting involved in Business Improvement Associations, Chambers of Commerce, and business networking groups. Other groups and clubs like the Lions Club, Rotary and other community organizations have their own agendas meant to assist the community in a number of ways. Although these groups are not specifically dedicated to developing business the networking opportunities increase exposure and often lead to increased business opportunities.

There are many communities emerging on the Internet uniting people with the same interests, ideas and objectives. Back in the early 90‘s when the Internet was getting its start these communities were called SIGS, Special Interest Groups. In fact there is still a huge list of these special interest groups although these groups do not promote commercial uses they are a great source for research, advice, news and opinions. 

Most of us have an unlimited supply of free advice from family and friends, whether we want it or not. It's usually good to hear the thoughts and ideas of other people however; most advice is just opinion unless the advice is backed with experience and examples. When free advice speaks from experience, we tend to listen more intently. Sometimes when we're looking for free advice, we have a hard time finding anyone knowledgeable enough. At other times it's possible our own experiences could be helpful or invaluable to someone else, if only they knew or could ask us. Connecting with the right people is probably the most difficult aspect in trying to share our knowledge and experience. Luckily, the Internet has a place where we can gather, question, and discuss our experiences within a wide variety of topics. It's called Usenet Newsgroups. 

Think of Usenet Newsgroups as a giant, worldwide bulletin board. Anyone can freely post comments, questions, opinions or a variety of other materials on this bulletin board. Everyone else can read the posted items and add their own items. These voluntary contributions and this free exchange of information are the foundation of the Internet. Usenet Newsgroups allow people on the Internet to share their opinions and experiences, openly and freely, on a level playing field. No one has priority or seniority over anyone else. Usenet Newsgroups give everyone an equal opportunity to participate in the discussions. 

Newsgroup Communities

When you send an e-mail message, the only people who can read it are the recipients. When you post an article on Usenet Newsgroups, every person on the Internet can read it and respond. Usenet Newsgroups consist of many, ongoing discussions, dealing with a wide variety of subjects. The topics relate to both work and leisure. Usenet Newsgroups usually encompass only those people interested in a particular topic by dividing them into subject areas. Users also call them conferences, forums, and discussion groups. Each newsgroup involves one subject or topic. Some newsgroups deal with very specific topics, for example: Video: HDTV, digital TV (, other newsgroups are more general in nature, as in books (alt.books).

There are hundreds of thousands of newsgroups. Some of them are applicable to a global audience; others are more applicable to a country, city, or organization. Newsgroups are available to everyone on the Internet however, some have limited audiences.

No one on the Internet could possibly read every article, in every newsgroup, every day. Instead of generally addressing everyone on the Internet, when you post an article in a particular newsgroup, the only people who might read your article are those interested in the subject. 

Due to the inherent nature of Usenet Newsgroups, there are many people who freely give their time and experiences. If you ask a question in a newsgroup, you're sure to receive at least a few answers and perhaps raise some discussion. By the time you get a final answer, people may have debated the question. It's fun to follow the discussion for even the simplest of queries. It's amazing to see how many people worldwide have something to say, or at least have something in common with you. 

You will find that most people reading and replying in a newsgroup are very helpful and considerate. We will be detailing these communities and how to access the knowledge you need in order to assist you to optimize this resource. 

Today, we have many other forms of communities for wide areas of interest, and for personal biographies, self-expression and information, and video and audio capabilities such as Although some of these sites allow some commercial uses for videos, there are disclaimers that do not allow advertising content. Videos and content must be original and generally must not contain links, ads or content that diverts users away from the original source. Copyright infringements are carefully protected, as they should be.

One of the great things about developing new media businesses is once the initial site has been developed they can be translated into any language for any community.

Sales Agenda (hidden agenda) 

American Heritage Dictionary - Cite This Source sale       n.   The exchange of goods or services for an amount of money or its equivalent; the act of selling.


This agenda is the most important agenda for your success. You can spend a lot of time and money getting a business ready however, if sales are not made the business will fail. Subsequently, your family, personal, and community agenda will be in jeopardy; therefore, most of our time is spent working on this agenda. If we spend focused effort with the sale in mind, the planning processes will be detailed with the customer‘s best interest in mind. The reason I bracketed (hidden agenda) is because this agenda is always in play, whether it is a conscious agenda or not. Every good business owner always has sales in mind. Whether it is called the bottom line, revenue generation or business development, sales is the foundation of every business. There are many steps in gaining a sale from acquiring  a sales lead, qualifying the prospective buyer, education about your product/service, needs identification, proposal, closing the sale, completing the sales transaction then follow-up and servicing the account. In some cases these processes take place quickly and in other cases the process may take some time. 

In today‘s marketplace some of these processes can be done online, in some cases all of these processes including customer service. Depending on the business, products can be downloaded and totally managed by the computer including depositing money directly into your bank account complete with administration systems that create reports and track all results plus traffic.

I am not suggesting you don‘t directly communicate with your customers; I am just suggesting there are ways to streamline these processes. 


Once you have detailed each of your agendas, completed a list of tasks for accomplishment, and build the necessary technology, selling will become the most important aspect of your business. There are many methods to raise awareness, develop interest in a product or service to bring about the desired result – a sale. 


This agenda is developed as a separate agenda because of its importance. With over 50 billion web pages on the Internet today we see that our most important job is to assist in the creation of sales. Most of our efforts are going to be in creating advertising, public relations and marketing activities. Like I mentioned in the opening, I have been involved for many years in television and advertising so taking these core talents to create shows, commercials, ads and other activities that will create the exposure your projects need. Since many people have difficulty selling having the support of technology and the expertise to assist in developing attracting customers can only benefit you and our network. 


Keeping all this in mind, your sales agenda should clearly identify your products and services, in order to make it easy for the customer to make a buying decision. Your sales agenda should deal with every possible objection a potential customer has, detail comparative products and services complete with the benefits of buying from you and not your competition.  Your sales agenda must also clearly guide your audience to every method of payment possible. Ecommerce and credit cards will work for a certain percentage of the market however, if you do not have the ability to accept telephone orders, secured email orders, fax orders, (yes fax orders) or the ability for someone to send you a cheque, money order or bank draft then you will be losing valuable sales. Also, if there is shipping involved, it is necessary to make the details clear, either worldwide shipping must be available or make clear the restrictions of areas on the world you will not ship.


It is also a good idea to allow email inquiries and in some cases instant messaging, for questions or details a potential customer may have. These services are easy to add to your site and we will be covering these in depth. There are also services to allow a potential customer to click on a ―CALL US NOW‖ button where they type in their phone number and name to connect to your sales department, cell phone or switchboard - instantly. There is nothing better than getting a phone call saying that ―John Smith is on your product page and would like to speak with you, can I connect you now, press 1?‖ This type of service really gives people a personal way of communicating. In developing new media sites we are striving to provide a more personal experience, whether it‘s a simple introductory video, educating the audience about your project, product, service or communication services to allow inquiries to be readily answered. 


As we will demonstrate throughout this project, education first, sales second and fun third. No matter what product you‘re selling, if a potential buyer is confused, not informed enough about the benefits and reasons why they should buy from you - they won‘t.


Even if you don‘t consider yourself a salesperson, every business owner wants and needs sales. When it comes down to educating a potential customer, answering pertinent questions or backing up the information presented on your site, you or someone who has been educated, trained and certified by you are the best people to accomplish your goal – a sale. 







By building a business that will grow in value and evolve our Internet TV Stations, Channels, Affiliates, Partners, Consultants, Instructors and Freelancers will be providing knowledge to assist in developing a digital lifestyle. In today‘s economy where job security no longer exists, inflation is constantly increasing and wage freezes exist, people need to supplement their incomes, our system will assist you in accomplishing your goals. 


Once your agendas have been completed with the most important issues, specific ideas, lists and plans the hardest work will have been accomplished. The advertising, sales and marketing to get buyers to buy is academic, there is a process and the process works. By using our system and by being part of our network we will get you the necessary traffic and exposure you need to reach your goals and objectives. 






















100,000+ New Media and Internet TV Businesses


Where are the Opportunities?


Information Technology is always a growing industry in fact the fastest growth industry ever. The industry is actually advancing at such a pace from one day to the next, something changes. Not one person or one organization could ever get an exact fix on where the industry really is.  


The key word is CHANGE !


It is said change is one of the hardest things for people to accept.  For those of us who can accept and adapt to change, we will lead some of the greatest expeditions known to man.  At no point in history have we, as a society, been as technologically advanced as we are today.  With the new ways of looking at not only the present and the future, change is the only way to describe what is happening. Changes are occurring in just about every aspect of life because of ―Information Technology‖ (or I.T.).  So, the more you know about I.T., the better you will be able to deal with change.  


One thing is certain; if you do nothing, nothing will change. In this day and age with our economy in such disarray, significant change is needed for our families and communities. Our intention is to lead change by educating, ecommerce enabling and entertaining our network of people and businesses by helping to transform your knowledge, experience, skills, talent and potential into tangible assets we can sell worldwide. 

Communication is the basis for most of the CHANGES that are occurring.  It once took days, weeks and even months to get a message from one place to another, now it is accomplished in milliseconds.


It has been stated in many articles and reports that the average North American worker will have 3 to 7 career changes during the course of their life.  There is no such thing as job security anymore - just ask some of the people in the unemployment lines.  People who have been earning  over $50,000 a year are being tossed out, like pairs of old shoes, into the

unemployment abyss.  People who can adapt to change quickly will have a significant advantage, those who cannot, may end up in a negative emotional spiral that may devastate the rest of their lives. Sound scary?  IT IS!  


Unlike any other time in history people are now not only encouraged to look at starting their own businesses, but forced to. This doesn‘t have to be a bad situation.  Businesses under 100 employees make up approximately ninety-five percent of our economy.  Also, ninety-five percent of new millionaires are not employees; they are owners of their own businesses.


When we ask an individual how much they would like to earn, eighty percent say ―lots‖.  So, why does only twenty percent of our population afford the lifestyle they want?  They realized that it is not just important to desire lots of money, it is more important to have a clear focus of what they want to accomplish.  If you speak to millionaires they very seldom even think about money in the same way that most others do.


So why, in this free enterprise system where everyone has the same opportunities, don‘t more people succeed?  It has been our observation that eighty percent of the population fails to figure out what they want to do and more importantly, lack the knowledge about technology to adapt.   For instance, out of all the people you know, how many of them are happy, really happy, with what they are doing as their occupation?  


Think about all the things that are affected by your occupation: 


      Income Level



      Financial security

      Chances for advancement





      People you associate with

      Leisure time